Wild Cherry Blast Slots

You’d expect to see some cherries in a slot game called Wild Cherry Blast. You won’t be disappointed on that score, but what about other types of fruits?

We are going to supply all the answers you might want to any questions floating around in your head after reading that title. Are those cherries truly wild? Do they offer a blast of some sort? We are about to find out.

Developer of the Wild Cherry Blast slot

The developer here is Nucleus Gaming.

You are assured of some demo action

Yes, you can always rely on a practice option whenever you load a game from this developer. That applies here as well.

Can you work out the theme?

It’s a fruity one, of course – there is no other obvious answer here!

The design still packs in some surprises

How can a fruit-filled slot game hold any surprises? Well, you should believe us when we say that we think these fruits look good enough to eat. Just look at the strawberries, for example – they look almost real, don’t they?

The background to the game is a fluid-filled one with bubbles everywhere. This looks like a fruity drink to us. Even though the usual letters and numbers come into play as the basic icons, they’re all filled with various colored liquids too.

How to play the Wild Cherry Blast slot game

Expect five reels to pop up once you’ve loaded the game. As with many other titles from this software creator, we don’t get a progressive jackpot here. We do, however, get four symbols appearing on every reel, so there are 20 appearing on each spin.

The game includes a juicer machine that releases a cherry bomb whenever it pops up. Cherry bombs remain in their places until the controller (we cover that later) reaches its complete charge level. Sounds intriguing? We’ll tell you how all this works in a bit.

The standard wild here says WILD and appears in front of a splash symbol. This substitutes for all standard symbols but not the juicer machine or the berry bonus icon. The latter only appears on the middle three reels of the game.

How many paylines are there?

You’ve got 75 lines to bet on in this game. As with other games from the same team, they’re fixed.

Betting range

Wild Cherry Blast has bets from 40 cents per spin up to $20 per spin, so you should find a decent wager within the available options.

Make sure you go through all the pages of the paytable

That’s where the rules of the game are laid out. We thought the table was nicely done, and it did go into lots of detail about the various features you might spot during play.

Look out for the Wild Cherry bombs

The game is designed to play out in sets of 10 spins, so bear this in mind before you start. You’ll spot a controller in the bottom right of your screen. This has 10 segments on it. Each spin sees one segment fill in.

Whenever a cherry bomb pops up on the reels, it stays to the side of the position it landed in. Each one then counts down the same segments as the controller.

When all the segments fill in, each cherry bomb blows up to reveal a wild in the same position. This is a cool feature – we managed to get 12 on the screen at once in one spin, giving us multiple spin prizes at the same time.

The berry bonus icon awards free spins

You’ll need three of them, but if you can find them in a single spin, you’ll get 15 free games. Before these get underway, you’ll see five, seven, or hopefully 10 wilds dropped into random positions on the reels. You’ll see the same quantity on each spin too, although they do change positions on each go.

Wherever the controller is at when the spins begin, the position remains where it is and resumes once you return to the base game.

What about the return to player value?

This doesn’t appear anywhere inside the paytable nor in the rule section of the game.

Our rating for Wild Cherry Blast

This is an impressive game with some quality graphics that bring it out of average territory. If you’re keen to play, we would suggest you’re going to try out an 8/10 game.

The best prizes come during the free games

With at least five guaranteed wilds on the reels – and possibly seven or 10 of them – the effect on winnings over those spins can be significant. The paytable reveals the likely prizes for each of the symbols on the reels.

Experiment with the demo game

This won’t be the game for everyone, but it does take a fruity theme in a direction it has never gone in before.

Will you enjoy it enough to try the real thing?

Wild Cherry Blast is a blast to play, and you can do just that at all good casinos featuring this title from Nucleus Gaming.

A great game for mobile play too

While the game looks superb on a larger computer screen, it is detailed enough to present you with an entertaining time on Android or iOS. Use a smartphone or tablet as you wish.