Sweet Treats Slots

Candy has proven a popular theme for many software developers to try. We know that players like it a lot too, even if it doesn’t do much for a sweet tooth!

If you have heard of Sweet Treats but haven’t yet played it, get ready to do so here. Our game review should set you off in the right direction.

Let’s begin with the developer

The name is Nucleus Gaming, and if you’ve played their games before, we think this one offers something different.

Demo access guaranteed

Yes, you can play this version of the game to see whether the real one will fit your budget if you like it enough to play.

A truly sweet theme!

And by sweet we mean candy, of course.

A bright design

Expect lots of candies cropping up in this one. The world beyond the reels looks like a candy-filled place too. Yellow, red, pink, and blue candies all appear, along with a pink theme for the overall game.

How to play Sweet Treats

The game loads five reels, and each one of those has five positions on it. That might suggest a different way to play, but we’ll cover that in a moment. Before that, we are going to confirm a lack of progressive jackpots here.

Whenever prizes are won, the regular candies pop. The cascade feature you’ve seen in other games then kicks in, with the popped candies replaced with ones from above. Wherever there is a gap, something new falls into its place.

Does the game use paylines?

Not as such, although the game does state there are All Ways Pays here. We would describe it as a cluster pays game though.

Watch your wagers

This isn’t a penny slot – the smallest coin is two cents and with cluster pays in action, you need to apply a multiplier of 50x to each coin you choose. That makes the cheapest wager a dollar, with the most expensive one reaching $50.

The question mark leads to the paytable

You can find it in the bottom left corner of your screen before you start spinning the reels.

Look for special bonus candies

There are lots of these, with names like Cotton Candy, Gumdrop, Caramel Chew, and Lollipop. The game includes various levels, and whenever you progress from one level to a higher one, new candies become available. It means the longer you play, the more special candies could become available for you. Bear that in mind if you only intend to play for a short while.

That said, Super Color and Color Bomb candies appear whenever you get a prize involving four or five matching icons. According to the info in the game, there are 30 different levels to progress through. These are contained within five worlds, so there is lots to look for!

What about free spins?

There are so many features in this game that we expected free spins to appear too. They don’t, though.

RTP info

We cannot supply this as Nucleus Gaming doesn’t reveal the info in its game details.

Our rating for Sweet Treats

This is a nice game to check out if you want to try something different. The game has lots of levels, bonus candies, and actions, although there are no wilds or free games here. We think it deserves 7.5 out of 10.

Check out the prizes for various candies

You won’t hear of jackpot winners here, but there are some candies that could potentially bring bigger riches than others.

Demo access is advised first

This is the only way to see how the game works and whether you like it. It wouldn’t make sense to wager a dollar per spin minimum if you were unsure what you thought, would it?

Play for real if you find the game at your favorite casino

Not all online casinos include Nucleus Gaming slots. Those that do tend to have some decent welcome packages though, so look out for those if you sign up.

Mobile play available too

You can spot those candies on your Android or iOS device as well if you’d rather play anywhere but at your computer.