Chase the Cheddar Slots

You don't need to love cheese to play the Chase the Cheddar online slot, but we guess it might help. You're not going to consume any of it as you get underway in the game, but you will find some familiar animals cropping up along the way. If you think you might have an idea of what is to come, sit tight. We may still have a few surprises for you as we begin our review.

Developer details for Chase the Cheddar

The game comes from Arrows Edge, although we think this title has a slightly different look to many of their other games - and in a good way, too.

Is it possible to play without betting on it for real?

Yes - just opt for the practice or demo game, as this comes with practice credits that remain inside the game while you play.

Theme details: Are they as obvious as you think?

There is cheese in this one, and you might see a lot of it too. However, you might also spot the occasional mouse, along with a cat and a dog.

Does the game look impressive?

Definitely - they've gone for the brightest colors they can find here, with a cartoon appearance that is hard to resist. The cat appears in the background, but it also appears during the game. Even though they've resorted to letters and numbers for the smaller prizes, they still look fine in the striking colors used.

Are you ready to try and Chase the Cheddar?

Before you begin, here are a few facts about the game. Firstly, it's a five-reel title, although there are four icons per reel rather than the more common set of three. It has a progressive jackpot too, although you might initially miss it if you don't know where to look - it appears at the top of your screen.

You may spot a blue cat swishing its tail in the background, but this cat can also land on any of the middle three reels as the wild symbol. It replaces everything else and is great to see when it pops up.

Paylines are replaced by ways to win

And if you know your slots, you'll know that you get 1,024 ways appearing on a standard 5 x 4 screen.

How much can you bet on each spin in Chase the Cheddar?

Arrows Edge typically provides a large range of betting options, and in this case, they go from 20 cents a spin up to $300 per spin.

The paytable provides lots of prize details and information to read

You'll learn plenty more about the game there, as you can see what it involves and whether you might want to play once you know more about it.

There is a bonus round involving the mice and some cheese

This had to appear somewhere, didn't it? Every piece of cheese that spins into view when the reels stop will show a cash value. You won't scoop those values though - not unless a mouse turns up in the same spin. If this occurs, all the cheesy prizes come your way.

However, if you land two, three, or more mice on the reels at the same time as some cheese, you'll receive the prizes the same number of times as mice that landed. So, if three mice appear, you'll receive all the cheesy prizes three times over.

Free spins also appear in Chase the Cheddar slots

Yes, and it's down to the mouse to help you find these too. You can guess that the mice don't appear too often, but when they do turn up, you will collect them in the meter on the screen. You only need three mice to receive that quantity of free spins. Other positions on the meter are reached by finding six or nine mice, but in those cases, you'll receive 10 or 15 spins, respectively.

If you get to nine mice, you'll play the 15 spins and then the meter will reset to zero to begin again. If at any point you go higher or lower with your bet, you'll need to start collecting mice from zero again. That said, revert to your original bet and your original quantity of mice will still be there.

Do we know the RTP value for this game?

There are two values to note here. The base game carries a return to player value of 95.18%. However, this goes up to 95.93% when involving the progressive jackpot as well.

What did we think of the Chase the Cheddar slot game?

We can't rank this any lower than nine points out of 10, thanks to its amusing features and theme. It also has elements that don't readily appear in other slots, so it does feel quite different.

Watch out for the progressive prize

You'll see it climbing as you play, as part of each real bet goes into that pot. However, there are many other prizes available that are easier to find, even though they're far smaller.

Play for entertainment for a while

You'll certainly love this game and its amusing take on the cheese, mouse, and cat triangle. We played for a bit with no chance of real prizes, just because it was entertaining to do.

Play for real at casinos offering Arrows Edge slots

Chase the Cheddar is one of the more eye-catching ones of late from this developer, so make sure you don't miss it.

Mobile availability: Can you Chase the Cheddar on Android or iOS?

In a word, yes - you can play on tablet or smartphone if you prefer. The bright graphics make it much easier to play than certain other slots we've seen.