Sweet Treats 2 Slots

The original Sweet Treats game did well for its creator, and fans liked it. So, can we expect lots more of the same from the sequel, Sweet Treats 2, or are there some tweaks in store?

We are going to dive into our review here and get ready for lots of info to come your way. This is a big, big game.

Developer info to start us off

This is a Nucleus Gaming slot.

An essential demo

There is a touch of Candy Crush about this, but it does have different features and stands on its own as a different game. The different levels reminded us of that game, and they translate well to a slot. Try before you buy though – it’s essential in this case!

A candy-filled theme

Yes, indeed, this is not a game to check out if your tummy is rumbling. Get that sorted first and then see what you think of a few demo spins.

Lots of treats on the reels

There isn’t a lot of background to mention here, as things that do appear are blurred. However, your attention will be on all the treats on the reels, and there are lots of them on each spin. It’s a colorful game for sure.

Get started with Sweet Treats 2

The game has a large grid measuring 7 x 7. There are lots of candies on that grid, as you might expect. The red icon with FS on it is the free spin symbol, but it’s not a scatter, so bear that in mind.

There are wilds here, but you only receive a Candy Wild in multiple stripes by finding five or more matching icons in a cluster. The wild remains in place once the prize is granted and the winning icons disappear.

Watch out too for the blue circle with an up arrow inside it. This is the Level Up icon.

No paylines here

This is a cluster pays game, with at least four identical symbols required in a group to award a prize.

Look at coins and bet amount

You can start with a two-cent coin, but that makes your minimum bet a dollar per spin. Make sure you are aware of this as it could put the game out of range of some players. The biggest bet is a dollar which equates to a $50 total bet. The game uses a 50x multiplier to calculate your bet on each spin.

Settle back for a spot of paytable reading

There is a lot of info to get through in this game. Reading through the table gives you a better idea of how things work. They explain everything well though.

Bonus features in Sweet Treats 2

The chocolate bomb explodes whenever a cluster of five or more matching symbols appears. The bomb takes out a varying quantity of symbols, so the more you find in a cluster, the more symbols are taken out. These range from six symbols to a maximum of 20 of them. You receive an instant cash prize from this explosion, and the symbol cascade then begins. This means the gaps are filled with other symbols and new ones complete the grid by falling from above the reels.

You might also realize there are different levels in this game. you need four arrows to go from Level 1 to 2, with more arrows successively required to reach further levels. Whenever you get to a new level, a special candy is awarded. The candy appears when a special egg turns up in a spin. The egg would reveal whichever candy you have earned by that stage.

How to get some free spins

Find a winning cluster of four or more FS icons to unlock some free games. Four would bring you five freebies, but the more you can get in a group, the more games you’ll receive. Finding 15 FS icons would award 27 free games. Every additional one in the group after that earns another two games.

RTP unknown

Some developers never give much detail about their games in this area. We didn’t see an RTP for this game either.

Our rating for Sweet Treats 2

We’re giving this one 9/10. We are only dropping a point as we feel the best way to get the most out of it is to play a long session, so you can try leveling up. That could make it an expensive game to play.

Plenty of prizes over the reels in those clusters

Most symbols pay out for various combos, and the more matching symbols you get, the better the prize is. Look through those prizes before you start.

Play the demo and see how your budget might work

Sweet Treats 2 will be too pricey for some players, for sure. Check the available wagers and your budget and consider whether that might apply to you.

Are you going to play for real?

If you like the game and you have arranged your budget to give you plenty of spins on it, this could be the one for you.

Look out for the sweet mobile version too

Ready to play on Android or Apple? You’ve got it – Nucleus Gaming makes this slot available for smartphones and tablets as well.