Fruit Serenity Slots

This does not sound like your average slot game, does it? We are used to spotting lots of fruit spread throughout endless slots, but the serenity part is new. Does that make the Fruit Serenity slot a highlight of this theme?

We are going to reveal everything you ought to know before spinning the reels of this game, so you’ll soon have some answers.

Who is behind this slot game?

The team at Nucleus Gaming has worked hard to develop this 3D slot for us to play.

Try a few spins of the demo game first

There is one available, as you knew there would be. Checking out its many features is the best introduction you could have to this game.

Is there more to this theme than you’d think?

No, it does look as if the fruit-filled theme is as far as it goes. The background is cool though, as it takes us outdoors among the flowers and baskets of freshly collected fruit from the trees.

A 3D design offers greater potential

The game pulls you in from the first moment, offering lots of tasty fruit on the reels and tumbled into baskets around the edges of the game area. They all look polished and fresh, and if we are honest, they don’t all look real!

How to start playing the Fruit Serenity slot game

There are five reels involved here. There are no progressive jackpots, so the prizes displayed in the paytable are the only available ones. There are lots of them there though.

The most important symbol to look for during play is the logo. This is set against a background of luscious green leaves. This is a wild and it appears on the second, third, and fourth reels only. It always expands when it shows up, too.

How many paylines are involved?

There are 10, and while other Nucleus Gaming titles often used fixed paylines, this one gives you the option to reduce the total count. If you do that, though, you could miss out on prizes that land on an un-played line.

Another point to note is that the game pays both ways, i.e. from the right as well as from the left.

Available wagers

The bets go from two cents to a dollar on each line. You can also expand the options by selecting between one and 10 coins on each line you bet on.

Paytable explanations

The paytable is small, so everything is on one screen. You can scroll to see all the information there. Of the seven fruits in the game, the pears pay out the most.

No bonus in this game

There is nothing along these lines to look forward to, unfortunately.

What about some free spins?

No free spins but you do get a respin whenever the wild appears. If it shows up on a spin, it expands and then stays where it landed for a free respin. If you then see another wild, the same thing happens again – except this time you would see two expanded wilds in place for the respin. A maximum of three respins are awarded, since there are only three reels where these can land.

RTP unavailable

This developer doesn’t tend to release these details, so it was no surprise to find they hadn’t done so for this game either.

How good is Fruit Serenity?

It’s simpler than many other titles from Nucleus Gaming. However, don’t be deterred – the expanding wild followed by a free spin is a simple feature, yet it can appear quite often. It’s worth 7.5 out of 10.

How much is the biggest prize worth?

When we loaded the game, a screen appeared telling us the largest prize was 200,000, so we guess that is pretty cool! That appeared in euros, so we guess it translates into other currencies as well.

Play the demo to try it first

If you do, you can see how it all works and get a feel for it. Will it be enough to persuade you to make some real wagers? No worries if not – at least you’ll know what to expect.

Take a real spin when you find the game at a casino

Several decent casinos include this game among the other Nucleus Gaming titles they carry. Sign up to one of those and you’ll get the chance to make real wagers on this game too.

Play on your tablet or smartphone if you prefer

More than ever we are seeing players switching to tablets and phones for their slot game fix. If you are keen to do the same, you can check out the Fruit Serenity mobile slot today.