Jackpot Areas at Drake Casino

It doesn't take long to spot the first inklings of some jackpot action at Drake Casino. You can visit the site and see the welcome package to start with, but just below that are the three major jackpot types on offer in some of their games.

These are:

• The Super Slots Jackpot • The Cash Grab Jackpot • The Mystery Jackpot

It looks like the Cash Grab is the smallest one, with the Mystery Jackpot coming next, followed by the Super Slots Jackpot. The amounts don't update live on the website, but if you refresh the page, you'll see the latest total for each one.

But how can you tell which games give you a chance to net one of those jackpots? Come with us as we tell you more.

Head to the games area

Drake Casino benefits from an impressive design, giving you easy access to their complete games collection too. Once there, via the main menu at the top of the page, you can choose your game category from the column on the left.

In that column, you'll see three separate areas covering each of the jackpot types we mentioned above.

Slots to try with a Super Slots Jackpot available

There are lots of slots in this section - it's by far the most crowded jackpot area at Drake Casino. Examples include Secret Life of Cats (featuring a white cat in the title image), and Yellow Brick Reels (yes, that might just make you think of Dorothy!).

There are plenty more too though, including Cleopatra and The Winning Dead - that one is about zombies if you hadn't guessed.

Slots to try with a Cash Grab Jackpot available

You've got a smaller selection of games here, although some of our favorites are in there. One of those is Time Bender, a time-traveling theme that may just make you think of a certain famous police box. You can also look for the Cupid's Jackpot slot, along with others such as Metropolis, License to Spin, and Robin in the Woods.

Slots to try with a Mystery Jackpot available

This is the smallest selection of all, but again there are some dramatic titles to look out for here. Among our favorites is Alice in Dreamland, as this has three bonus features to watch for during the game.

Godzilla vs King Kong is another one to check out. The game uses King Kong as the wild, Godzilla is the bonus symbol, and a plane flies you toward some free spins. The game also includes a rescue people feature to make things even more thrilling.

There are plenty more games that don't include jackpots too, so if you'd rather try something else, you can expect to see lots of opportunities to play slots of all kinds at Drake Casino.