Runes of Odin Slots

Runes crop up in a few decent online slot games, so can we add this one to our collection of favored slots, we wonder? We already know the answer to that, but we’re going to guide you through the features of this game now. If you like the sound of Runes of Odin and want to know more, you are in the right place to ensure that happens.

Do we know who created this game?

Yes, it comes from Nucleus Gaming. We think it is a highlight of their impressive gaming collection, too. See if you agree.

The demo matches the real thing

Of course, the exception is that you play with a practice balance of $1,000 in demo coins rather than dipping into your own wallet to play.

A Nordic theme is in action

The mere mention of Odin in the title confirms this. We also get lots of runes on the reels, so they live up to that part of the title too.

One of our favorite Nucleus Gaming designs

You’ll see why we say that when you check out the game. It is set inside a building with torches on the walls, wooden shields, and long benches. The reels are set in the middle of the screen, held together it seems by wooden struts and iron fixings.

How to play the Runes of Odin slot game

This is a big game, offering a 7 x 7 matrix of icons to look at with each spin. In common with other slots from this developer, we don’t get any progressive prizes to watch for.

The golden amulet of Odin is the wild, replacing all except for the Power Rune and the Spear. It’s worth mentioning the Hot Lava icon too, which bubbles with heat. It has a golden surround and a hot middle. Finding four or more of these triggers the relevant Hot Lava prize.

Look out also for the Rune of Power. Whenever this appears, it has a special bonus to impart, which we’ll come to later.

What about paylines?

In case you hadn’t guessed from the large screen on offer, this is a cluster pays game. You must find at least four identical symbols in a group to get a prize.

Bets in Runes of Odin

The betting range goes from 20 cents to $10, and you must pick an amount to play on each spin.

The paytable is vital

This game is rammed full of features. We strongly suggest you read through the various pages involved in the paytable before you do anything else. Even the demo game will make way more sense when you’ve read the table. You can then see how things work and recognize features as they appear.

Bonus features in this online slot game

Clusters explode whenever they create a prize. That means the winning symbols are taken out of the game, the ones above drop into the vacated spots, and new ones fill in any gaps remaining. If you get another prize, the same thing happens once more and continues while you receive prizes. When you get a losing spin, the game reverts to normal.

Now to the Rune of Power. This unlocks one of five forces of nature, involving water, fire, or an earthquake. The water can wash away two rows or columns, or you might get a wave that floods out the same area. The fire could burn out a small area of symbols or a larger one. Meanwhile, the earthquake rids the reels of all symbols of a single type.

If you manage to trigger five or more clusters in one spin – hard to do, we know – the Well of Knowledge will overflow. When this happens, instant prizes are guaranteed as a selection of random symbols explode. If you can do this with more clusters, the effect is larger.

Finally – yes, we are not done yet – there is the Odin’s Mighty Spear feature. Find one spear and the Spear Trail moves ahead by one. Other symbols then appear on the reels and if you can reach the end of the trail, there are some free games in store for you.

Free spins in Runes of Odin

Once that trail is complete, you’ll receive 10 free games. If you find a Rune of Power during these games, another freebie is granted. This holds true for all the free games, so you could get more than the initial set of 10.

RTP info unavailable

We don’t see any info anywhere on the paytable or the rules of the game that reveals this percentage.

Our rating for Runes of Odin

We cannot give this less than our top score of 10/10. There is so much involved here that it takes a while to fully appreciate the game. We had a long session on the demo to understand how it all worked. We recommend you begin the same way, too.

Plenty of ways to collect prizes

You won’t always get a prize, of course, and even when you do it is far more likely to be a smaller one. However, the game does offer lots of potential, something we are delighted to report.

The demo is necessary here

Seeing the game in action is the only way to fully understand and appreciate the depth and range of play in Runes of Odin. Make the most of it.

Play for real if you’re ready

If you like the game, you’ll want to try the real version.

Mobile access is cool too

Even though you get a far bigger reel set here, Runes of Odin looks cool on Android and iOS tablets and smartphones as well.