Spirit Of The Nile Slots

Spirit Of The Nile Slots
The mere mention of the River Nile is going to suggest a common theme to you for this online slot game. Did you think of ancient Egypt? You should have, and we bet you did. Spirit of the Nile takes you through time to Cleopatra’s reign, as she appears in this slot game too.

But do all those familiar features guarantee an excellent slot or a dud? Let’s find out how this one fares.

Developer info for Spirit of the Nile

If you like titles from Nucleus Gaming, this qualifies as one of those. If you haven’t played any of their titles before, this is as good an intro as any.

You can try a demo if you like

Even though we play these games to report back to you on how they work, we do still stick to demo play to begin with. It’s safer and means you’ll only spend money on the titles you like.

An Egyptian theme

This one has all the trappings of a classic ancient Egyptian slot game. It takes place inside a building, with only mere suggestions of what might be going on outside. Is that a pyramid we see?

It offers a decent design

It isn’t the most complex we’ve seen, but there are riches, gems, and black cats, and the famous Sphinx on the reels, so there is enough to give this one a familiarity with a twist.

How to play the Spirit of the Nile slot game

The five-reel format is back in this title, with three symbols stopping on every reel after each spin. No jackpots are involved here, only the available prizes on the paytable. The Sphinx pays out the most, which is no surprise.

Cleopatra is the wild symbol, and she has the power to expand on any reel she crops up on too. She can substitute for everything except the scarab amulet. That, as you might suppose, is the scatter for the game.

How many paylines are there?

Expect 20 of them, fixed where they appear. If you want to see where they are laid out, you just need to look at the paytable.

The default bet after loading is two dollars

You can play with a lot less though, with 40 cents as the cheapest bet. Going through the other wagers brings us to the biggest one worth $20 per spin.

Offering a dynamic paytable

We’ve seen other software developers using these. It takes a little getting used to if you are more familiar with multipliers, but it works well. Just make sure you choose your wager before looking at the paytable to see the prizes. They reflect the bet you have selected.

No bonuses in this game

Enough said about that, don’t you think?

We do get an unusual free spin feature

The idea is that you must find three or more amulets anywhere on the reels to earn some free games. Before these begin, the amulets on the reels disappear and new symbols are revealed and moved into their places. This can create further wins.

After this has ended, you’re given a free spin for each amulet in the triggering combination. I know what you are thinking – three amulets lead to three free spins. Yes, but you can secure plenty more as you can get between three and 15 amulets on the reels. The scatter payout for your triggering combo obviously increases in size for each one available too.

RTP unavailable

Nucleus Gaming doesn’t tend to reveal this info upon releasing a game.

Our rating for Spirit of the Nile

This is a decent game with a nice twist on the free game feature. You will need to find more amulets to earn plenty of spins there though. For that reason, we are awarding this title 7 out of 10 points.

Prizes are best sought via the Sphinx

We all recognize the Sphinx, and it stands to reason that the best prizes in this game would come via that icon. Remember that the prize amount varies according to your wager.

Demo gaming gives you a chance to experience the title

And it also suggests how good the game could be for you, or whether it offers enough appeal to try the real version.

Bet for real if it suits you

The free spin feature was tricky to trigger, so don’t count on it appearing during any real game. However, if you like the look of the game and the betting range, this is a decent one to try at any casino featuring Nucleus Gaming titles.

Mobile access is fine too

You don’t need to play on a computer – just use your Android or iOS device instead.