Kitty Cutie Slots

Well, we can see a kitty mentioned in the title, so we guess the theme isn’t too complex in this game. Kitty Cutie appears in the game as a cute little kitten with its tail swishing to the right of the reels… but isn’t that a bad sign in a cat? Don’t they look angry if they swish their tails?

We’ll ponder that for a second as we introduce our Kitty Cutie slot review. If you are curious to learn more about the game, you are in the right place to do it.

Who is the developer?

This is another title from Nucleus Gaming.

Does it introduce us to a demo version?

Yes, but as with all demos, it matches the real thing exactly – except for offering a practice balance of €1,000 to play with. Nothing real is available for a prize, of course.

A kitty cat theme!

If you hadn’t already figured it out, the theme is cats and all the delights they like to have in their lives. Just check out the cat bed to the left side of the reels!

A cartoonish design is in action

And we rather like that. It’s packed with color too. There is a pink, yellow, and blue mouse, a colorful bowl of kibble, a smart purple bow, and many other eye-catching symbols spread over the reels.

How to play the Kitty Cutie online slot game

The usual 5 x 3 set of reels is played here. And as usual with Nucleus Gaming titles, you shouldn’t expect any progressive jackpots to crop up.

Look out for a cat’s favorite toy as you play – the wild ball of yarn. When it appears, it expands over the reel, stitching the word WILD as it goes. You’ll receive any prizes that appear before getting a respin with the wild reel held in place. The wild yarn only lands on the middle three reels of the game.

Things to know about the paylines

Firstly, this game pays both ways. It means you can win twice on the same line. The paytable confirms that a five-icon prize would pay out twice – once from each direction. Those wins won’t often land, but when they do, you’re going to celebrate. The lines are also fixed, so you cannot leave any of them out.

Bets from two cents per coin

The two-cent minimum goes through several other values before reaching the maximum coin worth a dollar. There are different bet levels here too though, going from one through to 10 at the other end of the scale.

Check out more information in the paytable

And you’ll soon see where that is hiding – behind the question mark in the bottom left section of your screen.

No kitty-themed bonuses here

Sadly, no… nothing along these lines is supplied.

What about some free spins?

It is unusual to find a slot game that doesn’t have these, but Kitty Cutie doesn’t. It does, however, have those wild expanding symbols with a free respin offered each time. If you manage to get another wild appearing on a respin, another respin is given too.

RTP information

We have nothing to reveal here, as the creator hasn’t revealed this info.

Our rating for Kitty Cutie

We have seen a few other slots based around the expanding wild and respin idea. It’s a good one, so if you like cats, this could be enough to persuade you to play.

Watch for the biggest prizes poured from the milk carton

It looks like chocolate milk, which cannot be good for cats, but anyway, five of those cartons are going to supply the best prize. And as we know, you’ll get double the amount for paying both ways too.

Play the demo to check out the game in more detail

This is always the best way to begin, right? You cannot know whether Kitty Cutie is going to work for you unless you start with a few demo spins – and you can do that here.

Will you progress to the real thing?

Cat fans and people who love Pay Both Ways slots may well do so. Will you be among them?

Mobile accessibility also available

Switch to Android or iOS whenever you wish to play the game on a touchscreen smartphone or tablet.