The Ogre Village Slots

Could this be one of the best 3D slot games around? It certainly begins with a striking image, that of an ogre tied up on the right side of the reels. Since this is in 3D, he looks way too real for our liking.

The rest of the village sits below the reels, so you can see the various houses and carts there. But what about the reels themselves? If you read our review of The Ogre Village here, you’ll see we have covered any questions you might have.

Developer details

The developer is Nucleus Gaming – and this is one of several 3D slots you could play from their collection.

Does it include a demo version?

Yes, and this is identical to the real one, so you’ll be able to try it and know whether you would like to play for real prizes as well.

An ogre-filled theme

Well, not quite, as there is just one ogre here. But one is enough, we guess! Ogres and fantasy slot themes are always popular, so this is a good starting point for this game.

Striking design elements

Expect lots of gems, clubs, mushrooms, and coins to show up across the reels. There are sharp details on each one, which makes the game more realistic. It’s strange to say that of a fantasy slot but it’s true.

How to play The Ogre Village

The game loads with five reels, all large and yet leaving room for the massive ogre on the right side of your screen. They haven’t added any progressive jackpots to the game.

The game begins in Day Mode, but there is a Night Mode too. To switch between the two, a full-reel sun is needed for Day Mode and a full-reel moon is required to go into Night Mode. We mention that here because each mode has its own wild icon.

Day Mode offers a Sun Bloom flower in pink. This can spread to one, two, or three other symbols, changing those into wilds as well. At night, you may see a Night Bloom flower, also in pink yet with blue leaves behind it rather than green ones. This behaves in the same way as the day flower wild.

There is another wild involved at night though, and this is the joker. He can appear behind any of the A icons over the middle three reels. If he helps you secure a prize, you’ll get 2x the usual amount.

As if that wasn’t enough, there is a wild that can appear in any mode of the game. This one says WILD and replaces everything apart from the sun and moon symbols you need to trigger the alternate mode.

Still with us? Good – the game isn’t as confusing as it might sound. A few demo spins should reveal how great this one is to play.

How many lines are there?

You get 25 lines in this game. A quick glance at the game screen tells us that the lines must all be played on each spin.

How cheap are the wagers?

The game offers coins worth two cents to a dollar in value. A multiplier of 25x is required to play the game, which means the minimum bet is 50 cents.

Don’t miss the paytable

You’ll need to scroll through it to read all the information, but we highly suggest you do so if you’ve never played before. There are so many elements to this game that you won’t get what is happening if you don’t read through that first.

Are there any bonuses in this game?

We’ve highlighted the various wild features already, along with changing between the two game modes. However, you might also see the Daytime Ogre Smash happen if you are in the day portion of the game.

This occurs at random and sees the ogre smash the reels with his club. This gets rid of some of the symbols, with new ones taking their places. You are assured of at least one prize when he does this, so let him smash things up and see what happens.

Free spins don’t play out in this game

The Ogre Village doesn’t include any free games, unfortunately.

What about the RTP value?

This doesn’t appear in the paytable or in the detailed rules that you can access from there.

Our rating for The Ogre Village

We like this game as there is a lot involved, much of which is unique to the title. If you fancy something different involving ogres, flowers, and two modes of play, this could well be another game to add to your list of favorites. It certainly earns 8/10 from us.

Watch out for winning lines

There are all kinds of prizes in this game, so once you get started you cannot know what might happen next. That said, with no progressive jackpots involved, you won’t see any news of major winners associated with the game.

Demo play is essential

We can’t think of another game with two modes in play like this one has. As such, a session of demo action is the perfect way to see how it all plays out.

Play for real by joining a casino with Nucleus Gaming titles

There are a few of those around, and they offer various welcome bonuses too. That makes it important to consider which one would be ideal for you to join from your jurisdiction.

Mobile entertainment on offer

Yes, the game is available for Android and iOS as well, for smartphones and tablets.