Sugar Pop Slots

Sugar Pop is a fabulous 3D video slot game developed by Betsoft, and it has 5 reels and 30 paylines. The symbols on Sugar Pop Slots are many delicious candies, such as a caramel chew, a candy cane, a grum drop, a chocolate, a jawbreaker, some jelly beans and plenty of lolipops. This online video slot game comes with a superb non-traditional feature which is the cascading reels, that brings more winning oportunities to the players as they can complete a payline either verticaly or horizontaly...which is a cool feature that looks great! This special feature doesn't end just there and after a winning combination the symbols involved on that winning spin will disappear and will be replaced by the symbols above them, the same as it happens on the great game bejeweled. Thanks to this great feature, you can expect to obtain many consecutive wins when you spin the Sugar Pop Slots reels!

Sugar Pop Slots Bonus Features

This fantastic colorfull online video slot game comes with a unique bonus feature based on 20 different levels and each level will introduce you to a new bonus and higher payouts. In order to advance through the levels the player needs to reach a certain amount of points to level up, which will obtain by completing winning paylines and bonus patterns. Sugar Pop is a little like a mix between a social game and a slot, it's great fun and climbing the levels is very rewarding.

As mentioned above, by forming bonus patterns you will get points and of course also some sweet prizes. There are three different bonus patterns, which are:

  • Super Color Bonus: This pattern consist of making a match of four sweets of the same colour, which will create a multiplier of the same color that will apply if it is involved in a winning payline combination.
  • Color Bomb: When 5 or more symbols of the same color are involved on the same winning pattern, the Color Bomb Bonus will be triggered. This will produce a massive explosion of all the symbols with the same color and a tasty win.
  • Bonus Pattern: You will see underneath the symbols on the reels the figure of a pattern and every time you complete one of those patterns, you will be rewarded with a massive amount of points that will take you to the next level.

Sugar Pop Slots is not like a traditional video slot game it's more like those funny recreational games with the big difference that you can play it for real money, which makes it very exciting and challenging. If you are looking for some fun from the comfort of your very own home and without having to play a complex online slots game, Sugar Pop is the perfect video slot game that will satisfy your desires.