Does Gypsy Rose Foretell a Fortune for You?

Gypsy Rose will take up position at the bottom left of the screen during this superb online slots game. With lots to look forward to and some nice 3D symbols alongside the usual King, Queen, Jack, Ace and 10 symbols, this game is definitely worth a closer look.

How many reels and paylines does Gypsy Rose have?

This game offers five reels and an impressive collection of 30 paylines.

What can you wager on each payline?

The range of bets is quite familiar. You could start by wagering as little as two cents per line you play on. Alternatively, the highest bet per line is a dollar. You also have a chance to wager from one to five coin values on each line you want to play.

Does Gypsy Rose have any special symbols?

It does. You need to watch for the love potion, the crow, the tarot card and the magic book. Any one of these can appear twice on the same payline along with the crystal ball on the third reel to reveal a special feature. This could unlock instant credits, free spins, respins and even the bonus round.

In the case of the crow appearing twice with a crystal ball on the same line, the crows on the screen go wild. This can trigger further wins!

Watch out for a wild card - literally a card - popping up randomly on the reels too.

Does the game reveal a bonus level?

It does, as we mentioned above. This is a good bonus round too. You will have 15 cards presented to you on the screen. The cards depict five different figures, and each one can appear in one of three colors. The paytable reveals the payouts you might get depending on how many figures you match. If you match colored cards you will get a multiplier that could be as much as 6x your bet amount.

Download and play Gypsy Rose today!

This game stands apart from some of the other 3D slots online today. There are wilds and plenty of features as well, but the way the entire game is put together means there is a lot of variety. This is good news if you like to find a game you can sit down and enjoy playing for some time without getting bored.

Try it free to start with, or choose your wager to decide whether you want to go for real prizes.