VIP Rewards Plan

Drake Casino

US Casino players should get more than just fabulous games, great chances to win, lots of money and loads of cash bonuses, they should get rewarded for their loyalty too. Just like in Vegas, players that visit a casino regularly and play get lots of perks and at Drake Casino it's just the same. VIP Rewards Plan makes it easy too. All players have to do to take advantage of all benefits is to sign up for the VIP Rewards Plan and you'll receive an email on how you can register and start collecting. From that point on all you have to do is play and collect points. Once you're registered you just log in to your account with your email and password and you can see your points and all your information. Every time you wager, you keep adding up the points and eventually you can redeem your points for cash and great prizes. You just have fun, enjoy the casino and everything it has to offer and you'll see the points just keep adding up into your rewards account. There are even special reward levels so that you can earn your way up to get more benefits. The more you play and the more points you earn means you get to work your way up to the top.

How it Works

Points are earned for every $100 that you've wagered in the casino. The first level you reach is Amber and then once you get 10,000 points you go to the Bronze level; earn 50,000 points and you get to go to the Silver level. If you earn 100,000 points that'll take you up to the Gold level and then if you earn 500,000 points your getting up there to the Platinum level. If you earn and amazing 1,000,000 then you're really doing well and you will be headed for the sparkling top at the prestigious Diamond Level. You can redeem those points whenever you want, all you have to do is decide what you want to do with all those VIP Reward Points.

Loyalty Means Customer Royalty at the VIP Rewards Plan

Now that you're a member of this exclusive club let's take a good look at everything they have to offer you. Everyone likes cash so let's start there. If you cash in 2,000 points you can collect $2, cash in 5,000 points and collect $5. Cash in 25,000 points and collect $25 or cash in 100,000 and collect $100. Within ten minutes of cashing in your points, your account will be credited. There's even Sweepstakes and Merchandise you can cash in your points for and collect up some really cool things you've always wanted like gear and gadgets. The Sweepstakes of the month is a wonderful $1,000 Spa Package where you get to be pampered like you have never been before. Everyone deserves a chance to win that big prize and it could be you. Time to relax and find out what it really means to be customer royalty at the VIP Rewards Plan. There are other great promotions once you join this club like winning $200 in the Sweepstakes of the month. They also have the "Casino Game of the Month" promotions where a new game is featured like "Under the Sea" and you get to enjoy the beautiful ocean life and wonderful friendly characters looking for treasure just for you. So take your time, browse the rewards catalogue, start playing and earning; and you just might be spending some well-deserved time in the tranquility of a wonderful spa. Sign up for the VIP Rewards Plan today and soon you will have so many points, you can spend the days thinking about how you want to cash all those in and reap the rewards. There is always something new so keep coming back to the web site and see what else you can get at any time.