Goanna Gold Slots

The mention of gold in a slot game title is always a good sign, but does it mean you get a chance to win some grand prizes? Well, the main jackpot prize in Goanna Gold is a huge 20,000 coins, and we think it makes it worth playing if you are in the mood to try for some good prizes.

This game features a mining theme, of course, and you can expect to spot a mine cart or two packed with gold nuggets. But will they be traveling in your direction?

Reels and lines

You get five reels to start spinning in Goanna Gold, and these provide a good mix of nine paylines.

Coin values

You’ve got all the coin values you could ever want here. There are enough to permit an opening line bet of as little as a penny a go, or as much as $10 a go.

Goanna Gold special icons

Watch out for the Goanna mentioned in the title, as this appears as a substitute icon. You can expect this to replace everything apart from the usual scatter icon. This is shown as a gold nugget.

Are there bonus features to search for in this slot game?

You can look forward to entering a bonus feature if you can find three or more of those scattered golden nuggets around the place. When the bonus begins, you will see nine symbols, each covered by a pick ax. You must select just six of these to discover what lies behind them.

You aren’t guaranteed a prize for each pick – instead, you must match pairs. So, if you match two symbols, you get the prize associated with that symbol. And if you can match more than two of the same symbol, your prize is increased. The best is for the light blue gem, where six symbols can reveal a prize of 5,000 coins. Since you can pick six symbols, you could in theory trigger three prizes for three pairs, too.

Don’t miss out – download and play Goanna Gold slots today!

Goanna Gold is a great title, and uses a common mining theme to attract your attention. You will get the chance to play that bonus, but it is a shame there are no free spins around to claim. Mind you, if you prefer pick-me games, this could be a good mining theme to dig into. What could you find in this mine?