Specialty Games

You’ve played the casino table games, tried the video poker and even taken the slots for a spin. So why not try something new? You’ll have a great time and might even win some cash prizes playing these classic Specialty Games. Some of the most popular games around are Keno, Scratcherz and you can even place some bets on Virtual 3D Racebook.

Instant Keno Game

  • Club Keno Game
  • Krazy Keno Game
  • Traditional Keno Game
  • Scratcherz Game
  • Virtual Racebook 3D Game

What are specialty games?

The meaning of the term can vary from one casino to the next. A lot depends on the range of games offered by the casino. For example, one casino might only have a couple of video poker games, thereby not warranting a section all their own. In that case, you may find those games inside the specialty area.

However, certain games are usually found inside the specialty area rather than anywhere else. Keno and bingo are good examples, unless there are several versions of bingo on a large site, in which case they’ll likely get their own category.

You might also see some virtual racebook-style games or even some scratch cards. This is the category where you never can tell what to expect – and that is part of the reason we like it. Whenever you don’t feel inspired by the slots or table games, or you just want something different to check out, the specialty area is the one to visit.

What are you going to find there? You’ll still have a chance to play demo versions of the games, along with real versions where assorted prizes are available to be won. They say a change is as good as a rest, so take a rest from those other casino games and try the specialty titles instead. We bet there is a good chance you’ll discover a new favorite.