Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped Slots

Whenever Betsoft releases a new game, we are there in line to find out what it is like. And we were not disappointed when we tried our luck with the Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped slot. Fun, fresh, and engaging, this is akin to the Candy Crush Saga rather than feeling like your average slot.

However, it is unique and with Betsoft in control of this one, it provides a fresh and fun sequel to the Sugar Pop slot they released a while back. Let’s dive into the candy to find out more!

Reels and paylines

Seven reels are unusual to find in a slot game, but this one has that many. It also uses seven positions per reel, and that’s because they’ve gone for the cluster pays format here.

Coin values

Just one cent is good enough to get you started. The game works out your total bet by multiplying your coin value by 50. So, you can spin from 50 cents a go, or go way higher, reaching $100 or more.

Sugar Pop 2 special symbols

Among the standard candies, you’ll spot special ones with names like Candy Hammer, Swirling Lollipop, and Fizzy Pop Logo. Each special candy has a special role to play whenever it appears. The Fizzy Pop one explodes in a shower of bubbles, with each bubble landing on another position and popping. This causes the icons in those positions to explode and new ones to appear instead. You could win more prizes when this happens.

All prizes require three or more identical candies to appear in a cluster. If a special feature is triggered and you get another cluster, you’ll win a prize for that, too.

Can you trigger bonuses in Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped?

There are free spins to be won courtesy of the bright candy with the letters FS on it for free spins. Again, three or more are needed to trigger these spins. The game provides a chance to win lots of them – even 100 or more! Watch the counter that will show up underneath the reels and you’ll see how many you’ve got left to play.

Download and play the Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped slot now!

This is set to be a huge success, as we would expect of a new Betsoft slot. Will you line up some winning candy combos?