3 Highlights From The Betsoft Slot Game Collection

Betsoft has a large selection of slots to choose from. Trouble is, most of them are amazing! That means you might have trouble picking some favorites from the 100+ slots that await you there. That is also why you might appreciate the suggestions we have made below. You should be aware these are a few of our favorites – if we included them all, it would be a much longer list! Think of this as your introduction to how exciting the average Betsoft slot game can be.

4 Seasons

4 Seasons is a fun game based on the changing seasons in a gorgeous location you will see as the game loads. It certainly gets you in the mood for what is to come. The rotating seasons you see during the game will bring different multiplier values into play. That means you will watch the proceedings far more closely. The game offers the chance to win up to 750,000 credits. You can also enjoy free games, a wild cat, and lovely 3D creatures popping up on the reels.

Chase the Cheese

Chase the Cheese is a smaller game than you might expect from Betsoft. It’s based on a four-reel format and is a lot simpler than some other efforts in their collection. We still love it though, thanks to the chance to win a jackpot, and the various other elements included in the game. The bonus feature is the highlight. It gives you the chance to try and help the mouse collect as much cheese as it can. There are all kinds of traps waiting to scupper its progress though, so be careful.

Reels of Wealth

It would be very easy to choose three 3D slots from the Betsoft collection. Those are among the best of the lot. However, there are other superb games to be played too, including the mousey one mentioned above. Reels of Wealth is another delight, offering five reels packed with golden possibilities. For starters, you’ve got four progressive jackpots in action. Rolling Wins pop up quite often – every time you win, in fact – and there are wild multipliers in play too. There is also a scatter that pays for one or more appearances, which is a neat feature. Watch out for the Megastar Event that secures free spins… and perhaps the chance to win a jackpot as well. Wouldn’t that be a nice experience?