Cupid's Jackpot Slots

We all know Cupid - the winged character with his bow and arrow, ready to strike people down with some love. Yes, love is certainly in the air in the Cupid's Jackpot slot game, but is this a game you could easily fall in love with?

You can guess what this game might look like before you see it, but we're going to give you the reality. Find out more about Cupid's Jackpot and its many features in our full slot game review below.

Which developer created this game?

You might guess from the look of the controls, and from the names of the jackpots (more about those later). However, we can confirm that Arrows Edge is behind this romantic game.

Don't miss the demo

You should be able to try this game without dipping into your budget, just to see if you like it. There is plenty to like, as you'll soon find out.

A romantic theme in action

With Cupid mentioned in the title, you can see that romance is the theme of the day here.

Does the design support the theme?

Absolutely, with Cupid, boxes of chocolates, some red roses, and love letters all making it onto the reels. The game itself is set in the clouds, with pink fluffy clouds below the reels and some blue skies and balloons above. All very romantic!

Facts to know about the Cupid's Jackpot slot

Firstly, the title reveals the jackpot potential of this slot. It doesn't reveal the fact there are three jackpots up for grabs though. If you play for real, you'll automatically be in with a chance to get one, even though the odds are going to be long for you to make that happen. Nice to know they're there though, right?

The game has five reels and three rows of symbols, so that's all familiar enough. Cute little Cupid is the wild symbol, aiming his bow and arrow and smiling at you whenever he appears. The game also has a Sticky Wild Heart with wings, but this only shows up in a feature we'll come to later in our review.

The game also includes a bonus symbol in the shape of a heart with an arrow through it. The wild doesn't replace this but it can substitute for everything else in the game.

How many paylines in Cupid's Jackpot slots?

There are 50 fixed lines to bet on.

Place your bets

The smallest in this slot game is 50 cents, but you can head way north of that to hit the maximum $300 bet amount if you wish. There are plenty more options between those two amounts as well.

The question mark reveals the paytable

You'll know this already if you regularly play Arrows Edge slots, as they always use it to highlight the paytable. It's in the bottom left corner of your screen.

Respins replace free spins

If you can find three bonus symbols, you'll receive five free respins. Before these begin, the bonus symbols change into those Sticky Wild Hearts. These stay in position for all your respins.

If you can find another bonus symbol, it will also change into a sticky wild and stay put. You'll also get another respin, so you could get more than the initial set of five. Find another three bonus symbols in the same spin and you'll receive another five respins as well.

Can you unlock the Sweethearts bonus?

If you manage to find four or five triggering bonus symbols, you can unlock this instant bonus. This is simple to understand - the game pays out an instant prize worth up to 120x your triggering bet. Simple!

RTP information

This hasn't been displayed with the game, so we'll update this part of our review later if it becomes known.

Our rating for Cupid's Jackpot

Our biggest gripe is with the title - shouldn't it be Cupid's Jackpots? Other than that, this game deserves a solid 9/10 score.

Plenty of potential for some jackpot winners

When you first see the game, you'll notice the three jackpot amounts at the top of the screen. These are the Cash Grab, Mystery, and Super Slots Jackpots. They go up in value in that order, making the Super Slots prize the biggest of the lot.

Take a practice spin on it first

There is a lot to like about this game, and while it is simple enough to understand how to play it, we'd still suggest a few practice spins first as you've got the chance.

Playing Cupid's Jackpot for real

Make sure you are happy with the 50-cent minimum bet before taking a real spin of those reels. This is a delightful slot, ideal for Valentine's Day, and whenever you feel a touch of romance in the air.

Mobile capabilities

As a modern slot game release, you can count on playing this one online on a computer, smartphone, or tablet. The Android and iOS platforms are fine.