Fruit Heat Slots

Most fruity slots only have three reels, so does the Fruit Heat slot deliver anything different? Check out our full review of this game to see if it provides you with the gaming experience that you’re after.

Who created this slot game?

This is another title from the Inbet Games collection.

Does it include a demonstration version?

Yes, so you can try this before committing any funds to playing it.

The theme is an obvious one

The fruity nature of the game is revealed in the title, so you can guess where this is going to take you.

A more realistic design than you might be ready for

Oftentimes, a fruit-filled slot game uses simple drawings to display the fruit for you. However, that isn’t the case here. Instead, you get accurate renditions that almost look photographic. Perhaps they are?

The basic features in Fruit Heat slots

While many games featuring fruit have just three reels, this one delivers five. It doesn’t have any progressive jackpots to go for, but the highest prize amount still reaches a respectable 5,000 credits. There isn’t a wild present, but the scatter is shown as a dark button, for some reason!

How many paylines are involved?

Just five.

Decide on your bet amounts

Play one coin per line, valued at between one cent and five dollars.

A simple paytable for a simple game

It is laid out nicely and you can view it once you select the question mark icon. There isn’t too much to read through there.

Bonus features are non-existent

No, you won’t find any sort of bonus in the Fruit Heat slot game.

There are no free spins available either

They have kept this one as basic as possible for a five-reel slot.

RTP information

We couldn’t find anything relating to this value, but we’ll be sure to update you if anything turns up.

Our rating for Fruit Heat

We couldn’t rank this any higher than 6 out of 10, and that is only because the game delivers such striking images on the reels. The symbols can appear stacked, which might help increase the odds of a prize or two, but that is about it for special features.

No news of any big winners

Since the biggest prize doesn’t go beyond 5,000 credits, we doubt we would hear of any news regarding prize winners for this slot game.

Check out the practice play version first

You’ll know within seconds whether this is the right slot for you.

Could you play for real?

If the game is on offer at a casino delivering the Inbet Games selection of slots, then yes, if you’re a member you can play.

Fruit Heat on mobile devices

Android and iOS platforms can accommodate this game, so you can play on the go if you wish.