Jumbo Jester Slots

It’s not unusual to spot a jester in a slot game. If you’ve played a few games where this little guy with the multi-pointed hat pops up, you’ll know they often have just three reels involved. So, can we say the same of the Jumbo Jester slot?

That is what we are here to find out. Let’s get on with the various parts of our review, so you can begin play knowing what to expect.

Developer details for Jumbo Jester

This is one of the classic games from the Nucleus Gaming collection. If you think you know what we mean by that, keep reading. You might still be surprised!

This is one game to try in practice mode first

We say that for good reason. We also think it is a good idea to take this one for a few demo spins because it is way bigger than we expected. We think it’s going to take you by surprise too.

What’s the theme?

Think of this as a classic theme with a jester involved. That means lots of fruit, so it’s a tasty one to try.

What did we make of the design?

This slot game does have classic appeal, yet it manages to squeeze in way more than you’d imagine. The jester welcomes you to the game, and there are lots of elements that suggest the classic one-armed bandit machine. Look out for lights flashing in certain areas of the screen, for example.

Learn how to play Jumbo Jester today

This is a three-reel slot, but there are two sets of three reels, one atop the other. No progressive jackpots are available, although the game does have various prizes that can reach into the higher echelons of the game.

There are no special symbols in action here. The joker reveals the biggest prizes, but it doesn’t behave as a wild, as is the case in similar games we’ve seen before. you can look at the various three-icon prize amounts available by reviewing the relevant portion of the paytable.

Paylines in action

There are five on each set of three reels.

Bets in Jumbo Jester

You can go from two cents to a dollar, but you can also try betting either one or 10 coins on each line.

No paytable?

Well, there is… but what exists is on the game screen. You can see the different areas light up according to which bet you choose.

No bonus that we could see

There is a Jumbo Meter at the top of the reels. A message at the bottom says that you should bet big to win big on the meter. It seems that you need to score a prize worth $20 or more to activate the meter. Of course, we recommend sticking to your budget if you are going to play this one.

In this case, the upper set of reels is triggered and your winnings are added to the meter. You can earn a maximum of 15 spins on this second set of reels. We managed to get there, and it seems that you can net bigger prizes on that set of reels. However, it looks like a risky move, as you could also lose everything you just won. If you do win something bigger, you can hit collect to take the prize and return to the lower set of reels to start again.

Free spins aren’t available

While you can earn spins on the top set of reels, they’re not free.

No info about the RTP

This stands for return to player, but we found nothing to indicate the percentage that might be in play for this game.

Our rating for Jumbo Jester

We strongly recommend starting with the demo game and experimenting to see how the upper reel set works. If you’re only going to play with small wagers, you won’t see those reels trigger as often. This is a polarizing game that is only going to suit specific players. As such, we think this is a 6/10 game.

Prize potential varies here

There is a lot you can look for while playing the game. Prizes vary depending on how much you wager, but fortunately the paytable info varies to reflect that.

The demo is more important than ever

Jumbo Jester is cool if you like this sort of thing, hence why we strongly suggest you try the demo for a while before deciding if you like it (or not).

Play for real with a selection of coins

There are enough coins here to suit most players over the available lines. Be careful of choosing either one or 10 coins per line though.

Mobile access is good too

Yes, it is playable on tablets and smartphones, no matter whether you use an iPad, iPhone, or Android handset.