Havana Club Slots

Welcome to the Havana Club! Is this a place of cigars in Havana itself or merely somewhere to kick back and enjoy a nice drink? The reels certainly give us lots of cocktails to look at, so let’s indulge and dive in, shall we?

Another game from a good and reliable developer

That developer is called Inbet Games, and they’ve already produced a good handful of games that sit alongside this one.

They have given us a demo to try too

That’s nice of them, isn’t it? It gives you the best idea of what to expect if you played the real game.

A cocktail-themed slot

We guessed that might be the case, and this game does give us several good cocktails to look for as we try and create winning lines.

A dark background forms part of the design

It is far from a complex design, but the Havana Club slot game does give you the chance to find the cocktails and drinks between wooden poles in the club. The background is black and makes everything else stand out more.

Learn the ropes with Havana Club today

This is a five-reel slot that sticks to basic prizes rather than offering a progressive or two. The game is very simple, offering a selection of drinks to look for. There is no wild icon, but we do get a scatter, which is shaped like half a coconut with a straw and umbrella in it.

Does the game include lots of paylines?

No, there are just five in play.

Are you ready to place some bets?

Inbet Games does like to start with the low one-cent minimum, carrying through a familiar range to reach the $5 maximum amount. That range is evident in this game too.

Read through several pages on the paytable

You can find out which drinks are best to find to get the biggest prizes. Look for it behind the question mark on the main screen.

Does Havana Club include a bonus?

No, there is nothing of the sort here.

What about free spins?

No, the game keeps things very simple by avoiding these too.

No RTP is provided

This is often mentioned in the paytable, but nothing is highlighted in this case.

What is our rating for the Havana Club slot?

Make no mistake – this is a basic five-reel slot. If that is what you are looking for, we think you’ll like it. If not, it won’t suit you. On balance, we’re giving it 6 out of 10.

What could the biggest winners receive in prize money?

The best cocktail is the tall blue one. Five of those on one paid line would produce a prize worth 5,000 credits.

Are you ready to play the demo version?

Havana Club looks tasty and might make you thirsty, but will the demo persuade you to change to the real game?

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Play Havana Club slots on mobile as well

If you tend to play slots on your tablet or smartphone, you’ll be glad to hear you can try this one as well.