Gagarin-61 Slots

Yuri Gagarin was arguably the most famous Soviet cosmonaut of all. He was the first human ever to go into outer space. The 61 of the title of this slot game refers to the complete orbit of earth he made in 1961. This game is something of a tribute, then, so let’s see what it has in store for us.

The developer is…

Inbet Games.

Try out the practice version before doing anything else

This is not the most detailed or complex slot you’ll ever play, so the demo is a good place to start.

A space-filled theme

This much was obvious when we saw the title – Gagarin-61.

Does it have a complex design?

No, the background indicates we are in deep space. There is a rocket, the sun, and various other elements to look for, with the regular letters and numbers appearing in a basic red color.

Gagarin-61 slot game basics

The five-reel game includes a cartoon-style image of Gagarin in his space helmet as the wild icon. This could produce prizes worth up to 5,000 credits. For that to be awarded, you’d need five wilds on the same paid line.

The game also includes a scatter that shows an image of a couple of cosmonauts looking at a shooting rocket.

How many paylines are there?

The game has 10 in all.

Betting options

Inbet Games has stuck with their usual selection of coins from 0.01 to 5.00 in this game.

Paytable details

Select the question mark to find out more about the game. We think the table could be a little clearer in places, though.

No bonus is included

Gagarin-61 doesn’t delve into bonus features.

How many free spins could you get?

If three scatters appear in the same spin, you would receive 10 freebies to play.

Is there an RTP for the game?

Not that we could find, no.

Our rating for the Gagarin-61 slot game

This is a 6 out of 10 slot, in our opinion. The design is a little too basic for us, and although you can get some free spins, there isn’t much else to look out for.

The highest prizes come from that wild

It’s a shame it doesn’t carry a multiplier too, but the 5,000-credit top prize is good to aim for.

Play the demo at participating casinos

All casinos with Inbet Games in their roster should have demos available.

The real game is good if you like it enough to play

Inbet Games never goes in for complex slots, but if you like this one you could still play the real thing.

Play Gagarin-61 slots on mobile

The mobile version is good for iOS and Android platforms.