Fruity Way Slots

If we said Milky Way, you’d think of outer space. That’s where the inspiration comes from for this Fruity Way slot game.

So, you could say this is a fruity game with a difference, and it certainly qualifies as that. You are going to get a surprise when you load the reels here – we did! They show lots of fruit inside glass jars, floating inside them. Some have tentacles growing out of them while others have… are those eyes?!

It seems our fruit have been commandeered for experiments, so can you net any prizes along the way by matching them as you usually would? Read our slot review and find out more.

Who developed the idea for this one?

Nucleus Gaming thought of this one, and we must say it is more unusual than we suspected.

Don’t miss some demo action

If you have read some of our other reviews, you will know that we tend to suggest starting on a demo game whenever you can. There is plenty to learn from doing this, and that is true of this title as well.

A space theme is in action here

Yes, you are headed to the Fruity Way to see what is out there. Earth sits underneath the reels, with space behind and planets beyond. And all those lovely freaky fruit on the reels…

An active design

All those fruits don’t just sit there in their containers. They are moving around. The strawberries with their tentacles flailing around are the worst ones to watch! They look so real… what do you think?

Start playing Fruity Way with the facts

Five reels appear on the screen here, but there is a 5 x 5 format in action rather than the typical 5 x 3 one. Don’t expect any progressives – you’re limited to the prize ranges shown on the paytable.

The wild is an asteroid with glowing tentacles coming out of it. This substitutes for everything with two exceptions. The first is the Alien Fruit Replicator (we’ll come to that shortly) and the second is the Galactic Core Free Spin symbol. Yep, lots more to come in this game.

What about paylines?

The size of the opening grid suggests there are no paylines here, and that is correct. Instead, this works on finding clusters of identical symbols to get prizes. At least four identical symbols in a cluster must appear to earn that prize.

Choose from these wagers

You can start at a quarter per spin, with the maximum wager $25 per spin. Several other amounts are between those extremes.

The paytable gives you the rules

You can also select the rules to the side of the paytable tab once there. The good thing about the table, though, is that you can see what all the symbols look like. From there, it is easier to understand how prizes are paid.

Look out for the Alien Fruit Replicator

Even though you start on a generous 5 x 5 grid, the Alien Fruit Replicator can arrive to make it bigger. It can add a row, a column, and possibly both on occasion. Every Replicator that turns up will do this, too. Whichever spot the Replicator appears in, that spot sees a wild Asteroid Harvester replace it once it disappears.

Another bonus can occur randomly on any losing spin. The alien fruits might decide to disrupt the current state of the game screen. If they do this, they might create one of those Replicators we highlighted above. Alternatively, they can move around within the grid, heading for other matching symbols to improve the chances of a prize when you wouldn’t otherwise have got one.

What about those Galactic Core free spins?

The swirling multicolor planet and asteroid symbol (you’ll know it when you see it) is a scatter and must appear three or more times to earn you some spins. You will receive seven of those and one additional spin for each triggering scatter. So, if you find a maximum of 10 scatters, you’ll get another 10 spins, totaling 17 in all.

If you were playing on expanded reels at the time you triggered the spins, those stay in place for the games too, which we think is a cool feature.

No RTP is displayed anywhere

That is about as much as we can tell you about that.

Our rating for Fruity Way slots

We liked this way more than we thought we would. It looks superb and once you go through the various features it includes, you can see why a longer stint playing the game is tempting. We are going to call this as a 9/10 game.

Think of prizes as a bonus

There is plenty of enjoyment to be had in this slot game. Sure, the freaky fruits are disturbing to look at, honestly, but it’s all in jest. Right? You could certainly spin the demo for ages without getting bored.

The demo is a great way to start with this one

Since it includes rules we have never seen in other games, with various features involved in the action, it makes sense to start with the practice game.

Will you head into space to play for real?

You should keep your feet on the ground on Earth to play this one. Fortunately, there is a low wager to get you started if you choose the real version.

Mobile space entertainment

Don’t head for your computer to play this one – go for your Android or iOS device instead and play wherever you are.