End Zone Riches Slots

If you were expecting a game with an obvious theme in play, think again. However, it doesn’t take long to realize the theme in action here once you load the End Zone Riches slot game for a closer look.

We’ve been there already though, and we’re going to go through all the features, perks, and exciting elements waiting for you on the reels of the game. Ready?

Who is the developer?

The game comes from the brains at Nucleus Gaming.

Have they supplied a demo?

Indeed, they have, and it’s the ideal way to explore the game to see if it appeals to you. There is no point betting on it until you are sure. This could be a polarizing title, too. You’ll see why when you keep reading.

What’s the theme?

The title doesn’t reveal much, does it? Fortunately, we can tell you that this is a sporting-themed slot based around American football. Hence why we said it was polarizing as not all players like sporting slot games.

A suitable design is presented here

The game offers a view of the field where the game is played, and it puts you right near the grass too, which makes it look more unusual. The reels are in front of the stadium, and there are lights and crowds on either side of those reels.

The game uses the standard symbols for the smaller prizes, and unfortunately, they haven’t been given a relevant makeover. Aside from those the other icons look better, with helmets, balls, and a big league sign among the ones to look for.

How to play the End Zone Riches game

The game has five reels and no progressives, so you’re going for the prizes that appear in the paytable.

There are three important symbols to look for as you play this game. The first one is the wild, which is a giant hand with a pointing finger – you know the kind you see at the stadiums. This substitutes for everything except the following two symbols we’ll introduce you to.

The second one is a trophy, and this has a special role we’ll cover shortly. Finally, there is a bonus symbol used as a scatter.

Paylines in End Zone Riches

There are 25 of these in play.

All available bets

If you’ve tried a few other games from Nucleus Gaming, you might realize that they tend to go for fixed paylines. That’s the case here too, which means your spin bet must be between 50 cents and $2.50 per play. There are only three available bets in this title, the middle one being $1.25.

The paytable is to the left of the betting range

You’ll spot the info icon under the reels towards the left of your screen. Check it out and see how your selected bet changes the value of the available prizes in the game.

Bonus trophies are worth hunting down

This isn’t a bonus as such, but it’s a bonus to find one! The trophy features a golden ball and whenever one appears – just the one – you’ll earn an instant prize.

Free spins in End Zone Riches

If you find three of the league logos featuring the BONUS word, you’re going to get 12 free games plus the relevant scatter prize. Wins are awarded from both sides of the reels in these games, not to mention getting 2x the usual amount.

RTP info not provided

This tends to be true of all games from this developer, so it was no surprise to find it hadn’t been included here either.

Our rating for End Zone Riches

There are some neat elements in this one, although we would have liked it more had the cheaper icons been game related rather than the usual letters and numbers. There is enough here to earn a score of 7/10 though.

Any major winners here?

You probably won’t hear of any connected to this slot. However, if someone got five wilds on a line while playing the maximum $2.50 bet, they’d receive $25,000, so that’s worth thinking about.

Try the demo before you begin

There is no better way to see if this football-themed slot game carries with it everything you’d like to see. Take it for a few practice spins and see what you think.

Play for real as a member of a relevant casino

By relevant, we mean a casino offering games from this developer. This is just one of several promising titles from them, so it could be the start of something big!

End Zone Riches also on mobile

Yes, you can try this one on Android or iOS if you prefer to get your gaming fix on a tablet or smartphone for that extra bit of freedom.