Jackpot Jam Slots

Jackpot Jam Slots
We’re not talking about jam that you might put on toast here. No… we’re talking about some much cooler jam, and since the title of this slot game promises at least one jackpot, we guess we’ve got your attention!

Welcome to our complete review of the slot game called Jackpot Jam. We’re going to take you through all the features and facts you should know before loading this one to play it for a while. Are you ready to join us?

Who created the slot game?

We can add this one to the collection created by Arrows Edge – a name that should already make you feel this game has promise.

Can you try a demo game?

You can, and this is an excellent way to find out more about the title and how it all works.

What do you think the theme might be?

It’s nothing to do with jam that you’d eat. It’s based around a basketball theme, so we’re in a sporting-themed situation with this slot game.

Is the theme supported by a strong design?

Plenty of Arrows Edge slots have a similar feel about them, and that’s got plenty to do with the design. This is another of those, and we love everything there is to look at too. Expect 2D graphics and a cartoon approach.

Are you ready to play Jackpot Jam slots?

We hope so – but would it surprise you to find out you have three reels to spin here? We guess you may have expected more, but they’ve gone for a 3 x 3 format in this case. You’ve also got the chance to spot a wild symbol, shown as a basketball player. You can use this to stand in for all other symbols you might see as well.

We can also confirm the presence of not one, not two, but three progressive jackpots included in this slot game.

Paylines in Jackpot Jam slots

There are just four paylines in action in the game. They’re fixed, so you need to play all four with each spin.

Bets to use during the game

Arrows Edge likes to supply its players with a series of wagers for each game. It’s true of this one as well, so sort through the coins to find an affordable bet.

Do they give us a paytable to look at?

They do, and it is the best way to find out how much you might be able to pick up in prizes for each symbol combination.

Does Jackpot Jam include any bonus features?

No, there are none in this game.

Free spins do factor into the action though

We found few details on these, but it looks like you may need to find at least one basketball to access the round. Together with the wild player mentioned earlier, this gives the game more depth.

Two RTP figures to note

As with all jackpot games, there is an RTP for the base game and another one that considers the jackpots as well. The base game carries a figure of 94.70%, which is lower than the absolute minimum of 95% that we tend to look for. If we consider the entire game including the jackpots, the RTP rises to 96.07%, so you should bear this in mind before you play.

Did we like the Jackpot Jam online slot game?

We did – a lot. For a three-reel game, it certainly feels way bigger. We’re going to rank this as an eight out of 10-point game.

Are there lots of chances to receive prizes in this game?

Absolutely. While the jackpots offer the biggest prizes, as you’d expect, there are other decent prizes to be found in the paytable as well. If you can grab the top prize from the wild basketball player, you can expect to receive 10,000x your bet.

Play the practice game today

It gives you more details about the game, more information about how to play, and a sense of whether you’d like to play for real as well.

And if you did play for real…

You can do so at any casino offering games created by Arrows Edge. There are several leading brands around that do this.

Mobile access available too

Jackpot Jam is playable on smartphones and tablets on Android, iOS, and certain other platforms too.