Hat Trick Hero

Hat Trick Hero Slots
This is the question we ask ourselves before playing any online slot game we haven’t seen before. Hat Trick Hero certainly looks the part, but can it meet our lofty expectations having seen the opening imagery for the game?

We’ve checked it out already and we are going to guide you through its many features here. Have we scored a superb slot to play, or should this receive a penalty?

Developer information for Hat Trick Hero

This is the latest in an ever-lengthening line of slots released by Betsoft. Let’s hope it proves to be another impressive addition to their collection.

Demo access

We do get the chance to try this game without paying for it. Betsoft always has accessible practice games, so you can test it first to see what you think.

Have we given you enough clues to the theme?

If you guessed football, you may have figured it out from the title alone, but we did hint at the theme there as well, right?

Design elements for this footballing theme

This is a top-notch design, for sure. You can see we’re in for a stunning time playing this game, regardless of prize potential. The grass looks so real… now, where’s that lawn mower…

How to play Hat Trick Hero slots

Expect five reels to roll into view on the pitch, with the goal at the left side of the game. That’s there for a reason, but you’ll find out more about that later. There are three footballing or regular symbols landing on each reel. There are no jackpots here, so you’re limited to the prizes appearing in the paytable.

There is just one symbol to share with you here, and that’s the Power Shot symbol. This is the substitute, and it appears as a footballer’s boot kicking the ball.

Does it have fixed or variable paylines?

They’re fixed here, and there are 25 in all.

Place your bets before the game begins

The smallest coin you can work with is worth four cents, so that means you’ve got a dollar wager to play on each spin. That might put it out of reach of some players, but hey, at least you’ve still got the demo to play if that turns out to be the case.

Paytable essentials

The table tells you about all aspects of the game. You can also look for the appearance of the symbols, which is handy to see before you begin. The trophy is the best paying symbol, followed by the golden football icon.

Bonus feature in Hat Trick Hero

The bonus triggers whenever you find three or more wild Power Shot symbols in the same spin. The footballs hover in view, moving one reel closer to the left side of the game with each respin. All respins are granted free of charge, so the bonus replaces the free spins you might have expected to see here.

Whenever a Power Shot disappears off the first reel, it goes into the goal. You need to generate 15 goals in the feature to score the prize shown on the meter. If the reels empty of all Power Shot icons before this happens, you lose out and the meter goes back to zero. Of course, you still get the chance to see multiple wilds hanging around on the reels during the bonus round, so you could still get more prizes than usual.

Free spins get the red card

Yep, they’re not available in this game, sadly.

RTP info for Hat Trick Hero

Betsoft gives us a solid RTP value of 96.23% for this game.

What’s our rating?

This is an appealing game, offering a polished football-themed slot that feels like a change from the regular creative fare Betsoft produces. It aims at a niche audience, since we guess only fans of the game are going to like it. However, it does have some similarities with other games from Betsoft, with the Quest to the West idea of moving icons from one side to the other returning here. We are giving it 7.5 out of 10 points.

What can you expect from the prize potential?

The best prize you can get in one spin is 1,260x your bet amount. That is lower than some other games offer, but it’s a solid prize anyway. There are many others up for grabs too.

Play the demo to get underway today

Make sure you load the practice option first, just so you can see if Hat Trick Hero is the right slot for you. No risk and no hassle if you’d rather try something else from the Betsoft collection.

Play for real at all good Betsoft casinos

Plenty of casinos offer games from this developer, so you should find the Hat Trick Hero title at all of them.

Mobile footie too

Yes, you can pick up your smartphone or tablet on the iOS or Android platform and play the game on there as well.