Mermaid's Pearl Slots

Mermaid's Pearl Slots
Well, maybe not quite a seaside theme, but this is definitely a slot game involving the sea. You’ve got a bright and engaging type of slot from Betsoft here, featuring a mermaid watching over the game and the paytable and all kinds of relevant icons on the reels.

But does this game offer enough to interest you in playing? There’s only one way to find that out, but you can read more about it here if you don’t want to give the freeplay version of the game a shot for yourself.

Reels and paylines

There are three reels here, so you may think you’ll only find a single payline. You’d be wrong though, because there are actually five of them.

Betting options

The coins are kept to a pretty safe level here, ranging from two cents to start with and going up to a maximum of 50 cents at a time.

Special symbols in play in Mermaids Pearl

Most of the symbols are based on the deep sea, with fish and starfish and palm trees bringing to mind a desert island of sorts. The pearl in the shell is the wild, while you can also line up one of each of the fish, starfish and palm trees to get a win.

The biggest prize is for three pearls in their shells, which offers up the top coin prize of 1,000 coins.

Bonus features to explore

Aside from that wild symbol, there is nothing else here that offers any kind of bonus feature at all.

Download and play Mermaids Pearl slots today!

So what do we have here? This is a basic slot that is perked up a little by the addition of five paylines instead of the usual one. However, with a lack of other features to look for, it’s only really going to appeal to anyone who is interested in classic types of slot games.

It is a good one though, and at least offers a theme that is different from the standard fruit machine theme, if you’re tired of that and you want to try something a little more advanced, this would fit the bill, for sure.

Some will find the top prize very small, and there’s no chance of betting two or three coins per line instead of one. But for small-budget players, this could be a great opportunity to have some fun.