Could You Scoop the Progressive Diamond Jackpot?

Some slot games really pack in a great experience, while others like to stick to the classic mode of play with three reels and not much else. We rather think the Progressive Diamond Jackpot slot sits somewhere in the middle of those two.

You’ll see what we mean when you take a good look for yourself. There is a free version of the game to play for fun, and we’d recommend you do just that so you can see how things work.

Reels and paylines

This is a basic slot in that it has three reels, and it does have just the one payline as well.

Betting options

You have a nice range of coin values in the game. It’s possible to spin at two cents a time, or to go up to a dollar. As the pay table indicates, you can also check out the options to play with one, two or three coins.

Special symbols in play in Progressive Diamond Jackpot

This is a classic slot so of course you will have classic symbols to try and spin into view. Cherries are good because you only need one at the least to win a prize. You can get a prize with two as well, not to mention three.

There is no wild or scatter here, but you can expect to see diamonds (of course). In fact, this is the best symbol to have, although you do need three on the payline for it to count. If you manage to do this, you can win a super prize that depends on how many coins you played with.

One coin will win you 1,000 credits in return for three diamonds. The same combination triggered by a two-coin bet gets you 2,000 coins. However, three coins will trigger the jackpot. This is indicated as a progressive amount above the reels, so you never know quite how good it could be…

Bonus features to explore

As you might guess, there are no bonus features in this game.

Download and play Progressive Diamond Jackpot slots today!

The Progressive Diamond Jackpot slot delivers exactly what it says – a chance at getting a progressive jackpot for three diamonds on the reels. But you can play it with one or two coins for a shot at some nice top prizes as well. It remains to be seen whether you will manage to do just that.