Dwarf's Gold Slots

Deep in a cavern, there is a dwarf with an eye on his gold. Could there be a chance for you to secure some riches by playing this slot game? The Dwarf’s Gold slot is ready for you if you are prepared but read our review first.

Developer information

Inbet Games came up with this game.

Does it have a demo to try first?

Yes, and this provides you with the perfect way to begin.

Theme details

There is a dwarf here, of course, and he does show up on the reels occasionally. There is a mining theme here too, as you might see other things that could be dug up or found inside a cave.

Design elements in action on screen

The game has rocky sections above and below the reels. There are wooden structures between those two areas, with dark backgrounds behind the reels themselves. The icons are nice too, with more detail than you might expect to see there.

The game basics you should be aware of

Dwarf’s Gold plays out over five reels. You won’t see any indication of a progressive jackpot, so the prizes that could be won are those on the paytable. The game doesn’t include a wild, but the scatter is a beautiful butterfly.

A small number of paylines in action

If you like keeping the lines to a minimum, this slot should suit – it only has five of them.

Bets are affordable too

Each of those five lines can take one coin valued at between a cent and five dollars.

Where is the paytable?

Look out for the question mark and select it. That reveals the details over several pages of the paytable.

Does Dwarf’s Gold include a bonus round?

No, there is nothing like that here.

There must be some free spins though, right?

No… sorry to disappoint.

The RTP is not given

Inbet Games doesn’t tend to include it anywhere within their games.

Our rating for Dwarf’s Gold

With no real features other than the basic elements of the game, this gets 6 out of 10 from us.

The biggest prize you could get would be…

5,000 credits, and you’d need five 7 icons on the same paid line to get that.

Play the demo just for entertainment purposes

This is a game to pass the time for a few moments rather than something to play for ages. Could that suit you?

Play for real if you like your five-reel slots to be basic

Lots of people will pass on this game, but you might want to play from just five cents a spin.

Mobile options for Dwarf’s Gold

Check out the mobile version of the game on smartphones and tablets today.