Spring Tails Slots

Is spring the best season of all? The beginning of the year can be a little dull at times, but that’s not the case when you get the chance to play a new slot game like Spring Tails. The detailed setting certainly sets the tone for what is to come, but there is nothing quite like giving a new slot a try to see what you think. We’ve played Spring Tails so we can reveal more about it to you. Read on to see what we thought.

Developer information you should know

Spring Tails was created by Betsoft Gaming. Their track record tells us this should be another good game to try. Will it cover any new ground? Let’s find out.

It includes the usual demonstration slot version for you to use

The demo of this game works just the same as the paid version. The features are identical, so you can see how you like it before dipping into your budget to play this rather than another game.

Does the title reveal something about the theme?

We think so, yes… since the tail belongs to a rat. 2024 is the Chinese Year of the Rat, and this version of the zodiac always inspires software developers to create new games based around the current animal. This is one rat you might be happy to see, though, and for reasons we will soon reveal.

Design features in the Spring Tails slot game

Check out that background… you can see it when the game loads, highlighting a couple of special features as it does so. You can look for glorious mountain scenery here, along with a Chinese-styled home just beyond the reels. Don’t expect 3D graphics though, as those do not appear in this game.

Learning the basics for the new Spring Tails slot

Let’s see what is in store for us on the reels now. There are five of those, each standing three icons high. You won’t be in line for any progressive prizes, as these do not feature in the game.

The rat is the star of this game, so you would expect it to be a substitute, and that is true. However, this is no ordinary rat… this is a Lucky Rat. Why lucky? Simply because each one that appears is going to carry a multiplier with it. This could be one of three values – 3x, 4x, or 5x. It doesn’t appear on every reel, only on the second, third, and fourth reels. That said, if two or more rats appear, their multipliers are multiplied together to create bigger ones. The best outcome is for a 60x multiplier to come into play. That would be excellent to find if you managed to get one or more prizes with those rats.

The other important symbol to look for is a golden key. Again, it appears over reels two, three, and four. Only one is required for a scatter prize, though.

Payline quantity

This is way smaller than we expected, offering just five lines to bet on. These are fixed lines as well.

How much could you bet on the game?

The coins go from one cent to a dollar each, so there is a low range of total bets in action here. Play from just five cents per spin to a maximum of $5.

The paytable reveals all

It does, covering all the symbols and what they mean. Look at the rules there too, on another tab, as these give more information about how the game works.

No bonus in this game

Unfortunately, you won’t benefit from triggering a bonus here, as there isn’t one.

There are some free spins though

You can unlock 12 free games whenever three golden keys appear over the middle three reels. The multiplier wilds can still show up during these spins. Furthermore, all the low value symbols are removed before the spins begin. Only the best paying ones appear. You cannot retrigger these spins without first returning to the base game and unlocking them with more keys.

What is the RTP?

The return to player percentage for this game is 95.84%.

Does this slot get a high rating from us?

We’re going to give this a score of 7/10. This could be formulaic if not for the wild multipliers and the removal of those cheap symbols in the free spins. However, you won’t unearth anything earth shattering here.

How much could the most fortunate winners receive?

Betsoft has revealed the best outcome is to scoop 300,364.2x your wager. Wouldn’t that be cool? We doubt many people are going to achieve that, but those wild multipliers sure are going to make life more interesting anyway.

Play the practice version first to see how it works

You can also find out what you think and go from there. If you like it, switching to real play is easy.

Are you going to play for real this year?

The setting of Spring Tails does look brighter and warmer. While it celebrates the Chinese New Year, it isn’t quite as focused on that as similar games on the same theme. You could easily play this all year round if you were a member of a casino offering Betsoft slot games.

Go mobile with Spring Tails too

On Android and on iOS, you can sample this slot game wherever you are.