Quest to the West Slots

Quest to the West Slots
Who doesn’t love a good quest? We often see them in TV shows and movies and read about them in books. Here, though, we get the chance to see one happening in a slot game.

Quest to the West is a new slot game release ready to check out today. If you like a solid game with superb characters, a great setting, and some cool features to look for, this could be the one for you.

Does the game come from a reliable developer?

There are surely none more reliable than Betsoft, and that is where this game has come from.

You can try Quest to the West in practice mode if you wish

This is a good option to try, especially as it gives you an opportunity to see how everything works before you pay to play it.

Does this slot game boast an appealing theme?

Yes, we think it does. It is set in Asia, and the design backs that up. It also makes the title understandable don’t you think?

Top marks to Betsoft for the design

They never fail to impress in this department, and while it isn’t one of their 3D games, Quest to the West has plenty of detail in the background. An Eastern temple is over to the west, or left, of the game, with a waterfall there too. The characters you are going to meet on the reels can be seen in the east, or to the right, of the game.

How does the game work?

You’ll see five reels when the game has loaded (always a fast process). Each one has three icons appearing on it. You won’t see any random progressive jackpot amounts there though, as none are included in Quest to the West.

The Monkey King regularly crops up on the reels, and that is something you’ll be glad of, as he is the substitute symbol. He is the trigger for the special feature too, so we’ll cover that in a forthcoming section of our review.

You don’t get any other special icons though – perhaps most surprising of all, no scatter.

How many paylines can you play on?

There are 25 here, and they must all be covered as they are fixed and available to play on every spin.

Do fixed paylines mean the game is pricier to play?

No, and this might be the biggest surprise of all. With fixed lines, you just need to pick an amount to suit your budget. The smallest one of these is a mere four cents – yep, 0.04. So, you can cover all those lines from just four cents a time. The biggest bet is $80, and there are many other values between those as well.

Paytable information for Quest to the West

There are some pages covering the values for all symbols there, along with an explanation for the feature we are going to come to next in our review.

The bonus feature… Quest to the West

Yes, the title of the game is also the name of the bonus feature. To trigger it, you must find at least three of the Monkey King Wilds anywhere over the reels in one spin. Once you have done that, the wilds stay put and you get a respin. Following this, the wilds move one space each to the left… in a westerly direction. A respin is given whenever a wild remains on the reels. So, if new ones crop up, those count as well. The further over to the right… or to the east… the wilds appear, the more spins you’re going to get with no charge.

This part of the game also features a meter to the left of reel one. Whenever a wild disappears off that reel, you can watch as the meter climbs a notch. If you get enough wilds to ensure the meter reaches the top, a prize worth 1,000x your triggering wager will be granted. This would be in addition to anything won during the walking wilds bonus feature.

Free spins aren’t provided

We doubt you’ll notice since that respin feature is so engaging, though.

RTP details if you’re curious

The game offers a high RTP worth 97.53%.

How much do we like this game?

We love it. We love the walking wilds – something we’ve seen before, but not quite as we see them here. The theme is great too, and the bonus feature doesn’t take forever to trigger either. This means our score is 8 out of 10.

Have we heard about any big prize winners yet?

No, but Betsoft has announced the best outcome for a single spin would be 1,250.5x your wager, so that looks impressive.

The practice version is a good place to start

You can see how everything pans out on the reels, and the bonus feature is always much easier to understand when you see it playing out for real on your screen.

Play for real from just four cents a go

And yes, we’ll say it again… those four cents cover all 25 lines.

Play on mobile platforms too

From Android to iOS and smartphone to tablet, the game is designed to load without delay on all of them.