Explosive Cocktail Slots

Is an explosive cocktail safe, do you think? Fortunately, we do not need to try this drink. It is the name of a slot game that does pack in some explosive images. Let’s check out what the Explosive Cocktail slot can offer us.

Who is the developer for the slot?

The Explosive Cocktail slot was created by Inbet Games.

The demo shows you how it works

We always suggest trying a demonstration rather than jumping into a paid version of a slot. You can see if you like it enough to pay for the experience then.

There are fruits involved in this theme

While the title might suggest explosions and cocktails, we see the fruits used to make those cocktails instead. The background is suitably explosive, though.

This game uses a more basic design

Nothing wrong with that, and in fact the game looks rather good, even though it does stay on the basic side of things.

Explosive Cocktail basics to be aware of

This isn’t a progressive slot, so the prizes are kept to those appearing on the paytable. The 3 x 3 format adopts three large reels to occupy most of the screen. The paytable reveals there are no special symbols in the game – no wilds, no scatters, and no bonus symbols.

A small quantity of paylines

Just the five in this game.

Betting considerations

Are you familiar with slots from Inbet Games? If so, you might expect the usual mix of coins from a cent to five dollars here.

A simple paytable is provided

There isn’t much information to share there, but they indicate all the rules and potential prizes anyway.

No bonus features provided

You might not be too surprised at that.

No free spins can be won either

Again, not too surprising given the limitations of this small game.

No RTP is given on the paytable

It’s not unusual to see no details of this value on the slot, as Inbet Games doesn’t seem to provide it.

Our rating for Explosive Cocktail slots

This is reasonably good, but we couldn’t rank it any higher than 6 out of 10. Don’t expect anything too dramatic here.

750 credits to the biggest winners

Yes, that is the top whack you can expect if you find three triple sevens on a paid line.

Play the demo if you like what you’ve read so far

If you tend to prefer simpler slots, Explosive Cocktail could be for you. The demo will let you know if that is the case.

Should you move on to the real thing?

Only you can decide, but if you have found a casino offering the demo, you’ll know you can play the real game there as well.

Go mobile too if you want to

Explosive Cocktail slots are on mobile platforms as well, offering the chance to play on iPads, iPhones, and Android tablets.