Diamond Rhino Slots

Diamond Rhino slot is a newer release from Rival Gaming, and it's one of the most impressive games we've seen from them to date. We aren't saying that you'll love this slot, but we were immediately drawn in by its appearance and wanted to test out some of its features as well. To determine if this game is the right option for you, see more of our review. Or, you can test it for yourself and make the decision on your own.

Crafted by Rival Gaming

Rival Gaming is responsible for this slot and dozens of other big-name titles. The company is known for making beautiful slots, but it has some games with excellent features as well. This slot is a perfect example of that. If you sign up to a casino with slots from Rival Gaming, you'll gain access to the rest of the company's library of games and likely have access to games from other companies too.

Demo the Game First

Before spending money on Diamond Rhino, you can play it free in Demo mode. Demo mode is a different version of the game that has a play balance and doesn't require any real money. It runs the same and feels the same, but you can play without fear. If you're new to online gambling or just want to test this game without risking your bankroll, try it in Demo mode.

An African Safari Slot

We were impressed by the picturesque background this slot uses that takes you out onto the open Savannah. The game is loaded with beautifully crafted animal symbols. Everywhere you look, you'll see flamingos, elephants, lions, hyenas, and more. The game is dynamic and showcases some lovely animations as well to really give it an impressive appearance.

Designed for All Gamblers

While some slots are complicated, and others are over-simplified, this one falls in the middle of those extremes. It's easy to start playing this game, and new gamblers can begin spinning this slot in minutes. More advanced players can utilize the extra menus and features that come with this game, though, for a more custom feel.

A Modern Jackpot Slot

This game has a massive progressive jackpot along with all the other modern features you would expect from something that was released recently. It's loaded with advanced wilds, bonus features, and more, and you'll be able to enjoy every one of them as you spin the reels and play for big wins. Try this game, and you'll quickly see what other players find so appealing about it.

Paylines aren't Part of the Game

There aren't any paylines at all used on this slot. Instead, the game awards winning combinations by utilizing its cluster pay system. There are 720 play ways available in the game, and with every wager you make, you'll be utilizing every single one of them for excellent opportunities to win.

Simple Wagering with Plenty of Room

High rollers as well as low stakes gamblers can both have fun playing this slot game. That's because it offers wagers at very low levels but allows players to raise their limit up to a level that would excite even most high rollers out there. Setting the wager value is simple and only requires adjusting a single set of buttons. The simplicity of this feature makes it a good option for new players as well.

Lots of Winning Opportunities with Smaller Payouts

While the paytable clearly shows off lots of ways to win, including wild rhinos that influence the symbols and create more opportunities, the pays advertised are smaller than many other slots. That isn't an issue with how frequently prize wins occur, but it can be a problem for players that don't like small wins.

Stacked Wilds

The wild symbols in Diamond Rhino can show up in stacks and are likely to do so. Whenever you get stacked wilds, you'll have a chance to uncover some massive winning combinations. Watch for these impressive stacks and enjoy the thrill of triggering a combination win that lights up the reels. Stacks of wilds appear frequently, and they totally change the way this slot performs as a result.

Unlock Rhino Free Spins

Getting three of the scatter symbols unlocks the Rhino free spins bonus. This round has 15 free spins and gives you more ways to win than ever. You'll enjoy an immediate boost in luck as you spin, and you could uncover some of your best wins to date during this special feature.

Leverage Impressive Multipliers

The Black Rhino symbol is the wild in this game, and it's a powerful multiplier as well. This symbol won't just help you complete your prize-winning combinations; it will multiply your winnings by two, three, or even five times the original amount. This symbol is the most effective tool for raising your win value and taking your experience to the next level.

Rating this Slot

After testing all its features, we determined this slot should be rated 4.0 out of 5.0 stars. It's fun and beautiful to look at, but the game isn't the best value out of slots that we've test-played. We love the multiplier wilds in this game and enjoy the thrill of the free spin bonus, but we wish some of the paytable prizes were larger with this game.

Winners Rely on Combinations

Winning impressive prizes is difficult while playing this game, but not impossible. Most of the best wins come from combinations of prize-wins, and they normally rely on multiplier wilds as well. As you spend time spinning the reels of this slot, you'll eventually hit on a combination of wins and multipliers that can lead you to truly impressive prize payouts.

Play the Game Free

If you'd like to test this slot out before you risk your money on it, select Demo mode and load it in your browser to try for free. This model comes with play money and all the features you would expect from the slot. Selecting this mode just means choosing one of the two available game mode options and starting the slot.

Play with Real Money

When you're ready to gamble with your money, choose real play and load the slot up just like you would for Demo mode. If you have a casino account with an active balance, the game will load immediately, and you can choose your wager and start spinning immediately. Be careful to select a wager amount you're comfortable with and then begin playing.

Enjoy this Game on Mobile

Gambling on mobile is one of the best ways to play slots today, in our opinion. Fortunately, Diamond Rhino runs well on Android and iOS devices. If you want to play from anywhere, visit the slot in your web browser, open it and start playing. The game functoins on most devices, and no apps or downloads are necessary.

Diamond Rhino slot is a thrilling online game with enough features to keep gamblers engaged and the prize opportunities to give you hope. If you're willing to try this slot, you'll come to know the features that really excite you, and this game could become one of your new favorites.