Spooktacular Spins Slots

Rarely have we spotted a title like this one – a title that suggests a familiar theme and makes it clear we’re playing a slot game. Spooktacular Spins is a cool slot based around a spooky setting – one that you’ll see more of when you load the game.

Beyond the loading screen, though, there are some surprises to come. A few changes are in store for you, so let’s go through our slot game review now to find out what they are.

Who developed this spooky slot?

Don’t be frightened – you are in the realm of a Nucleus Gaming slot game in this case.

Check out the free-to-play demo version

The idea of a demo slot is to see how everything works and what it looks like. If you fancy checking out this graveyard setting with a hand sticking out of a grave… yes, really… this is the way to go ahead.

A truly spooky theme

The theme sets up an interesting game set in that graveyard. Spooky, filled with frights, and ideal for Halloween, although we don’t think it is set on that night. Or perhaps it is…

A darker design with a comic feel

None of the icons look too scary in this one, unlike some spooky slots we’ve reviewed elsewhere. The lower-paying symbols are a moon, a swirly candy (we think), and a star. You also get the letters, which look like gravestone markers.

This is a more unusual game to play

Yep, but we think you will like it. It is a five-reel game, yet it looks nothing like one. The symbols in action here are all six-sided hexagons. This means that the whole reel set looks like a giant hexagon. You will soon realize one thing is absent here, and that is a progressive jackpot.

There is a regular wild in the game shaped like a pumpkin. This has a green light inside, so you can’t miss it. There are other important symbols that may appear, including witches, but it’s where those symbols appear that can be most interesting…

How many lines are in the game?

With the hexagonal look of the reels, you can look out for paylines paying in both ways over 30 lines.

Bets per spin

Each spin requires a bet of between 10 cents and $80. That’s quite a significant range.

The paytable is hugely important as ever

There are different elements rolled into this game, and while we have touched on some of them already, there are more discoveries to come. You can read about those inside the paytable, accessed from the info logo next to the speaker one at the bottom of the game screen.

Bonus creepy creatures

You know by now that this game is spookily different from many others. There are three creatures that can randomly appear following any spin. The witch can summon other creatures to help on that spin, meaning there are more chances of collecting prizes.

Meanwhile, if a ghost appears, it will move the Ectoplasm Meter up by one position. We’ll explain more about this in our next section. Finally, you could spot a bat that comes with a multiplier. This means that more bats increase the multiplier, bringing you relevant boosts to any aligned prizes won that connect with those bats.

These may sound confusing to start with, hence why we suggest the demo to start with. The more you play that, the easier it becomes to get used to the various roles these creepy characters can play.

They also move around the reels once they have appeared. You never know when they might vanish either, so watch out and see what happens on the spins that occur after that point.

Free spins unlock when the Ectoplasm Meter is full

You will receive five free games whenever the meter fills up with those ghosts. It doesn’t sound too many, but you get some Pumpkin Slime Spreading Wilds on those spins. These appear before the freebies start, and they stay on the reels until the spins are over. They move around though, and they can also spawn other wilds along the way.

RTP is unavailable

None of the slots we have tried from Nucleus Gaming display this information anywhere, sadly.

Our rating for Spooktacular Spins slots

This is a superb game if you love spooky things that aren’t too spooky… if you get that! The unusual features in the game make it a cool one to try, and certainly warrant a 9/10 score.

Information about the prizes

The witch is the biggest payer but do be aware that the paytable works according to how much you have selected as your bet. If that increases, so do the values in the table.

Demo action gets things underway

Since there are different elements wrapped up in this gift of a game, you can see how important it is to try the practice game first.

Nucleus Gaming casinos offer the real thing too

If you have found somewhere to play the demo, you can sign up for an account and play for real at the same place. There should be a welcome deal to claim before you start, too.

What about mobile gaming?

You can do this as well if you wish. Find your tablet or smartphone to give the touchscreen version a try. These are available on Android and iOS.