Event Horizon Slots

When you think of Event Horizon, you might think of the creepy sci-fi thriller starring Laurence Fishburne and Sam Neill that takes place in 2047. You might wonder if Event Horizon slots has anything to do with the blockbuster film. No worries. The good news is that this is simply a fun, futuristic looking slot game that dishes up 243 ways to win. There’s nothing scary with Event Horizon slots, in fact, from the space-age music to the vivid symbols, this is simply an uplifting, rewarding five-reel video slot.

You will not find many frills with this online slot. There are no free spins, no interactive games, just a simple slot experience. One bonus feature involving syncing reels is the one thing you'll find that's different.

When it comes to placing your bet as you play Event Horizon slots, you have total control. Pick a couple of pennies to keep your bet low or raise it all the way up to 25 cents. You can then bet up to 5 coins per line, for a total bet of 125 coins.

Feels Like Classic Slots With Bigger Payouts

The symbols you’ll find in Event Horizon slots are certain to have you thinking of your favorite classic slot game. You have bars, cherries, sevens, and bells. There are also poker symbols (10 to A) and then a futuristic Event Horizon wild that will replace the other symbols to help create bigger wins.

Sync Reels

The bonus feature in Event Horizon slots involves the synced reels. This feature occurs randomly, but there are times when the two, three, four, or all five reels will sync up. Identical symbols then are then adjacent to one another, creating huge wins.

Tips for Playing Event Horizon

When you play Event Horizon slots, you can tap into autoplay and let the computer take over spinning for you. This feature is easily turned on and off at your convenience. You can also hit max bet and save yourself some time by letting the computer set up the maximum per-line bet for you.