Can You Face The Ghouls?

Frightening games are definitely out there, even in the world of slots. But how scary are they? Well, some of them are more fun than scary, as is evidenced by this game, called The Ghouls. It’s packed with mummies and a Frankenstein-looking creature, and you never know what else you might come across…

Reels and paylines

Everything starts pretty normally, with five reels and 20 paylines in order.

Betting options

A two-cent bet is the starting line here, but you can go way over that per line by maxing out your total bet at $150.

Special symbols in play in The Ghouls

Fancy finding a pumpkin? Even though this one looks a bit scary it’s actually the wild, so you will want to see it. There are three other important symbols here as well, and one of them comes in the shape of the house. If you happen to be betting the maximum amount and you have five houses all on one payline, congratulations – you’ve just won the progressive jackpot!

Bonus features to explore

Firstly, you have a chance to get free spins. Three, four or five vampires on your reels will net you five, 10 or 20 spins, according to the number you got.

Secondly, the real bonus feature takes you into a graveyard. To get there, you have to find three gravestone scatters. Start picking the graves to uncover prizes. One of them has the word collect inside, so you’ll want to try and avoid that for as long as possible. Once you hit it, you will leave the graveyard and go back to the regular set of reels.

Download and play The Ghouls slots today!

It’s up to you whether it’s worth playing the maximum bet in order to try and get the progressive jackpot, but even if you’re playing a two cents a line this game has a lot of appeal. You just have to be aware of the way the symbols need to fall to trigger the particular features. The chance of getting more free spins for more scatters is a good one, and not something you get with every game.

So will you be able to stand up to The Ghouls, and are you brave enough to make a success of this game? It’s a good one, even though the graphics don’t give you a cool 3D effect. You can’t have it all…