No Limit Bandit Slots

What kind of bandit are we talking about here, we wonder? If you are wondering the same thing, there is no need. We are going to launch right into our review of the slot game called No Limit Bandit now, so if you want to know more, settle back and keep reading.

With some cool elements involved in this one, it could be better than you think at first glance.

Which developer created the game?

This is one of a range of slot games from Nucleus Gaming.

Try the demo first

We suggest doing this because it works just as the real thing does. If you have any questions following our review, a few spins of the demo game should iron those out.

Based on a classic theme

When the game loads, you are greeted by giant symbols – and some familiar ones too. Bells, cherries, sevens, and bar symbols… you get the idea. And that’s about as complex as this theme gets.

Does that mean the game has a basic design?

Yes and no… there isn’t much to the background, although there are vague movements going on there that lift the game a little. The reels are separated by gold lines, while there is enough detail in the icons to create something more appealing.

Get the basics of the No Limit Bandit slot game

If you hadn’t already figured it out, this is a three-reel game. We get three symbols per reel though, offering a larger 3 x 3 format to play on. The only available jackpot is the one in the paytable.

The wild says WILD and appears inside a diamond in green and gold. This substitutes for everything else that could appear on a spin. If you find three wilds, you’ll get a prize worth 50x your wager for that spin.

How many paylines are there?

No Limit Bandit uses five paylines – and they’re fixed.

Place your bets!

The default when you load the game is 50 cents, but you can use the minus arrow to reduce it as far as 10 cents per spin (or two cents per line). Going the other way, you can use the plus arrow to increase your wager to a maximum of $5.

The info icon reveals the paytable

This consists of a few pages that show the values for the various icons in the game. Be aware that the paytable is dynamic, meaning that the values change according to the value of the bet you choose.

Check out the multiplier bonus feature

This triggers on every winning spin of the reels. The multiplier arrow is on the right side of the reel set. Whenever you get a winning combo, the multiplier increases. This continues for as long as you can form more wins in a row. When you get a losing spin, it goes back to the starting position.

There is another twist here too though. Any winning spin could potentially trigger a sticky multiplier. Should this occur, the current multiplier shown sticks for eight spins. This means that even if you get a losing spin, the multiplier sticks where it is if up to eight spins remain. It’s a cool chance to collect bigger prizes if you can. You can also retrigger the feature randomly if good fortune goes your way.

Free spins don’t feature here

No Limit Bandit doesn’t give you any of these.

We cannot find the RTP value

While you can view the paytable and the rules for this game, neither of those indicate the likely RTP value for the game.

Our rating for the No Limit Bandit slot game

This is a cool game – one of the best we have seen that is based on three reels. While it doesn’t seem like there is much to appreciate here, the multiplier and sticky multiplier features are the best you can check out during play. For a three-reel slot, this certainly deserves 7.5 out of 10.

Three triple sevens give the best prize

The prize amount varies according to the bet placed, but we can confirm this is the best-paying symbol in the game. Adjust your bet and then check the paytable to see which other prizes are available.

Play the demo first

Even if you think you’re going to play the real thing, always start by trying the demo. You just never know whether the game is going to give you some surprises.

Play for real at casinos offering Nucleus Gaming titles

You could check out some of their other slots too, although No Limit Bandit is reason enough to sign up if you want the real thing to bet on.

You can also play on mobile

Yep, the No Limit Bandit slot is ideal for touchscreen devices thanks to those big reels. Android and iOS tablets and smartphones are good to use.