Sizzling Summer Slots

Seasonal slot games are common enough, but how many can you think of that are based on the summer months? There are plenty for wintertime for sure, but here we have the chance to review the Sizzling Summer slot game. That is good news for us, and we think you’ll be glad you decided to read this slot review as well.

Who created the game?

The slot game comes from the collection created by Arrows Edge, so you’ll find plenty of other titles to check out there too.

Does it come with a demo version?

Yes, this developer is always keen to let players try its games first, and we expect the same to be true of this slot.

An obvious theme

Yes, the summer theme is clear from the title alone. You can check out a beach-based setting for the accompanying image too, so this is a bright and appealing slot to try if you’re in the mood.

Design elements to note

Sizzling Summer has the same look seen in many other slots from this developer. Presented in 2D with clear graphics and a nice color palette, we think you’ll find plenty of appeal in this one.

How to play Sizzling Summer online slots

Right – this is a three-reel game, so it is a basic game compared with other titles from the Arrows Edge roster. It carries two of the three Arrows Edge jackpots along for the ride too. Each of those jackpots could trigger randomly after any paid spin. You won’t find many special symbols in this one. There’s no wild for starters, and no scatter to look for. The one symbol you do want to watch for is the Blazing Bonus symbol. More about that in a bit.

Paylines in Sizzling Summer

There are two here – perhaps one more than the one you might have expected!

Bets for the slot game

Details on this element were unavailable at the time of writing, but we suspect the game is going to offer several bet amounts to suit various budgets.

Don’t miss the paytable

It’s not going to be too complex for this simple slot game, but you should still check it out to find out more about it.

Stay alert for the Blazing Bonus

That bonus symbol can show up on the first and third reels. It needs to appear on both reels to unlock the associated feature. It’s a simple one – pick one of the symbols to reveal a prize. You can collect that prize or turn it down and take whatever remains hidden behind the other symbol instead… will you risk it?

Any free spins in this game?

No, nothing of the sort here.

RTP information

There are two figures to note here. The base game gets a percentage of 94.62%. When you add the jackpots, that goes up to 95.77%.

Our rating for the Sizzling Summer slot

It’s not the most sizzling of titles in the Arrows Edge collection. However, it does give you the chance to play a simple game with progressive jackpots and instant prize chances. For those reasons, we’ll rate it at 6.5 out of 10 points.

Where are those jackpot winners?

No one can tell when the jackpots are going to drop. It could be the smaller Cash Grab Jackpot or the Super Slots Jackpot instead. Fingers crossed you’re fortunate to get one, but if not, we’ll report back with news of any winners here.

Start with the demo

Demo play gives you the chance to see what you think of this game. If you like it, you can see how far your budget would stretch according to your selected bet.

Play for real at participating casinos

Any casino offering the suite of games from Arrows Edge should have this in its collection as well. Check out the possibilities and see if your budget would fit with a Sizzling Summer experience.

Mobile play also available

You can play this game on any device, from computers to tablets and through to smartphones. Most of them should be fine.