Explosive Wins Slots

We always want to see a slot game that catches the eye, and this one does manage to do that in several ways. Explosive Wins is a superb title to start this one off, but can it match that with some explosive and exciting gameplay? Come with us through the stages of our game review to get the answers.

Developer information is a super place to begin

And we can credit this game to the growing collection of slots coming from Arrows Edge.

Make sure you don’t miss the demo

This plays out differently to many other slots you’ll see in the Arrows Edge collection. That’s no bad thing, but it does mean you’ll get more out of the practice version when you want to learn how it all works.

What’s the theme here?

Explosive relates to fireworks, but we’ve got more than that on offer. The Statue of Liberty holds her torch aloft, appearing tucked behind the first reel in a subdued background. This looks like an American-themed slot then, perhaps linking to the Fourth of July, although the release date didn’t tie in with that.

A truly all-American design

You’ll see the Stars and Stripes in action here, along with red and white stripes on the bottom of each of the different-colored 7s in the game. For a slot that doesn’t have a major background to speak of – other than the Statue of Liberty – there is plenty happening here. They’ve used bright colors to give it a more dramatic look too.

How to play the Explosive Wins online slot game

Here we go then – this one has three reels, but you get three symbols on each of those, so it’s a bigger game than you may initially think. We are also delighted to report two progressive jackpots appear, with one on either side of the logo at the top of the reels.

The wild might appear as you load the game – it did for us. This is the American flag bearing the WILD label below it in gold. There is also a bonus symbol, featuring several fireworks with their fuses lit and EXPLOSIVE WINS BONUS written in front of them. The wild is good for replacing everything apart from that bonus symbol.

How many paylines are in this game?

Explosive Wins has three fixed paylines to play on.

Place a bet and begin to spin

This is far from being a penny slot, as the minimum line bet is 10 cents for a 30-cent minimum spin wager. The biggest bet is way over that, reaching an amazing $240. We guess the higher values are due to the two progressives involved in the game.

Have you spotted the paytable?

If you can see the question mark, appearing over the top of Lady Liberty’s robes, you can access the paytable from there.

Playing the bonus round

Bonus features aren’t that common in three-reel slots, and this is a basic one, but welcome, nonetheless. You must find the bonus symbol in all four corners of the reel set to be able to play this. It’s easy, too – just pick each corner to reveal a prize. When you’ve got all of them – and there is a prize behind each symbol – you return to the base game.

No free spins in Explosive Wins

Nothing of the kind appears in this slot game.

Two RTP figures to know

The base game return to player value is lower at 94.55%. It edges slightly higher when you consider the two jackpots, reaching 95.17%.

Our rating for Explosive Wins slots

This is a decent game, colorful, with plenty of action happening. It’s far better than many three-reel games we’ve seen, and we like that we get four prizes from the bonus round. The lower-than-average RTP is a shame though, and that pulls our rating down slightly to 7/10.

Who will the next jackpot winners be?

We’ll need to wait and find out, as there are two jackpots to go for and who knows when one of those might trigger?

Play the demo of Explosive Wins from Arrows Edge

They always give us the chance to play this version of their games, and it’s nice to see they’ve done so here as well.

Will you move on to play for real?

Lady Liberty awaits, so will you see her and play 30 cents a spin for a chance to scoop one or more of the prizes available in this slot?

You’re assured of mobile access

Since this is a modern slot game, it does have the mobile capability you’re looking for. It works on Android and iOS.