Ned and His Friends Slots

With a title like this it is hard to see just what is in store. However you will see the instant appeal of Ned in his home as the game begins, and there are plenty of perks to look forward to as you start playing. Find out more by reading our review of the game below.

How many reels and paylines will you see?

The game includes five reels and has a nice selection of 30 paylines to bring into action.

How much can you bet as a minimum and maximum?

You can start with just two cents on a line but there is also the option to go up to a dollar on each enabled payline. As is quite common with a lot of these games you can also check out the option to wager between one and five coins on each payline.

Does Ned and His Friends have any special symbols?

Yes it does. Watch out for the singing rates because they can unlock a free spins mode when you find three or more of them. Rats’ tails are good to find as well, because you can enjoy instant prizes if you find three or more of them in one go. You will then get to click on the one of your choice to collect your prize. There are no scatters or wilds but these features more than make up for it.

Is there a bonus game here too?

Ratty Rat Doo Wop – that’s the name of the bonus game here! You will need to find three symbols that depict Ned’s girlfriend in order to unlock the second screen bonus game. You need to pick a soloist so you can enjoy the chance to win a nice prize during this round.

Play Ned and His Friends today!

Ned and His Friends – it’s a title that really reveals very little about the game itself, at least to begin with. However once you see the gaming screen you will see this is a game created with a lot of humor. You might end up being delighted at the outcome and the prizes you win, but whatever happens you are sure to love the experience. There are enough special features here to make this game really appealing. As such you can enjoy some great experiences while playing the game today.