Face Up to the Reel Outlaws

You’ve probably come across one or two Western slots before, and we are about to introduce you to yet another one. Some are better than others though, and the Reel Outlaws slot game from Betsoft is definitely better than you might think. Even the typeface is in Western-style, and you’ve got lots of relevant symbols appearing on the reels as well.

Reels and paylines

The game presents you with five reels but there are only nine paylines in play.

Betting options

Betsoft games normally begin with a 10-cent default bet and that’s the case here. You can take it up or down though, as low as two cents or higher to 50 cents a coin.

Special symbols in play in Reel Outlaws

There is a wild here, which is used as that specific word in among some stars. It won’t replace the scatter or bonus symbols (yes, you have one of those too), but it stands in for everything else you’ll find.

The scatter happens to be represented by the word too, in front of what looks like dynamite. Three or more win a payout, but there are no free spins associated with it in this game.

Bonus features to explore

The Reel Outlaws bonus is triggered by lining up at least three logo bonus symbols on a payline you’ve bet on. You get to shoot at random whiskey bottles to try and bag prizes in this feature. As you might expect, there is a ‘collect’ message hiding behind one of those bottles. If you hit that, you finish the bonus game and go back to the main game. Try and hit as many bottles as you can to get more and more prizes, before going back to the main screen.

Download and play Reel Outlaws slots today!

Reel Outlaws is a very nice game – nothing special, but very nice all the same. We think it would suit those who love similar themes, as well as newer players who are only just starting to play a few five-reel games. It’s not the most complex of slots out there today, but it does have lots to offer. If you have a chance to play it, we’d recommend you do so. You could end up with some neat prizes and have a great time in the process. Why not load up the game now and see whether you like it?