Are You Brave Enough to Play Ghouls Gold?

Do you love horror and ghost movies? If so, you will definitely have what it takes to play Ghouls Gold, a freakily good slot game from Betsoft. This is a good game that is all based on a single screen, so it is smaller than some of the other games that have been created.

Mind you, if you like a simple slot to play now and then, this one should suffice – but it also puts in a few extras if you like that kind of thing. Let’s take a closer look to see what’s on offer.

Reels and paylines

There are just three reels to play with here, and you get three paylines as well. These are neatly indicated on the screen as you play.

Betting options

You can get underway with a two-cent coin value in play. There are a few other possibilities too, including a top value bet of 50 cents. It’s also possible to play from one to five of those coins on the paylines with each spin.

Special symbols in play in Ghouls Gold

Games of this kind usually have the paytable on the same screen, but that’s not the case here. You can see a link to it in the top left.

Here, you will discover that the wild stack of coins is a wild symbol. Well, of course! It can replace everything else you might see on those reels apart from the jackpot bag. Three of these will (yep, you guessed it) win the jackpot.

Bonus features to explore

There is a bonus element to this game, but no info is provided on it, which makes it a spooky proposition…

Download and play Ghouls Gold slots today!

So does this game offer enough to pique your curiosity and to encourage you to have a go? You can find out for sure by trying the demo version of the game. This works in just the same way as the real game, so it is nice to try out. It passes the time, but of course you can’t win any actual prizes unless you place a real bet.

Yet with a hold-the-reels feature and more to get your teeth into than you might think, you should give it a try to see exactly how it works. Will one or more of those lines deliver an actual prize for you as you start to play?