Will You Win Against the Invaders Slots?

That’s the question here, and one quick look at the reels will show you this game is all about an alien invasion. There are a few slot games online that have a similar kind of theme, but this one is actually a lot of fun and isn’t too serious. The aliens may be invading, but it doesn’t look that shocking!

Reels and paylines

This game has five reels and 20 lines.

Betting options

Betsoft has laid on their usual range of coins here, ranging from a two-cent coin to a half-dollar. Try wagering from one to five of your chosen coin on each line as well.

Special symbols in play in Invaders Slots

Take a careful look to see if you can see any newspapers in the game, complete with the Aliens Invade headline. This is a wild symbol so it is worth getting if you can.

There is also an Initiate screen which gives you a multiplier of between 6x and 50x your bet when appearing on an active payline. You need at least three of these for it to work. The way it works is for each icon to receive a multiplier of between 2x and x10. If you add them up you will get the total multiplier for your bet.

Bonus features to explore

If you get three appearances of the house with an alien ship over the top of it, you will gain entry into the bonus feature for Invaders Slots. More than three means you get more winnings in the bonus round.

The idea is to try and steal gold from the houses as the alien ship hovers overhead. The more gold you can get, the bigger the prize will be at the end of the round. Try and stay in the game for as long as you can for the best outcome.

Download and play Invaders slots today!

We’d love to have seen an autoplay feature in this game as well, but sadly there isn’t one to be found. You can however have some fun playing it a click at a time, because the spin button is right over the top of the alien ship. That spins too whenever the reels do.

Invaders is not the best slot Betsoft has created, in our opinion, but it is a very good and very entertaining game. It remains to be seen whether it will be a lucky one as well.