How Well Hidden is the Hidden Loot in This Betsoft Slot Game?

No one wants hidden loot, are we right? Everyone playing online slot games wants to unearth as much loot as they can in the form of prizes. Well, this slot delivers a different experience for you to try, and as you might guess there is a pirate theme going on here as well. Look out for the happy pirate watching over proceedings as you get started.

Reels and paylines

This game gives you three reels and three paylines.

Betting options

Start with two cents on each line if you like, and up the value to as much as 0.50 a time. You might also choose to play up to five coins per line.

Special symbols in play in Hidden Loot

Would it surprise you to learn the pirate is the wild? We thought not. He can replace everything else that might appear in the game, including skulls and crossbones, pirate ships and various colors of gems.

Bonus features to explore

There is a Hidden Loot logo involved in the game, and if you manage to get three on a line you will trigger a bonus. This has three impressive levels, and you have to try and help the pirate collect the required number of gems each time. The further you go and the more you get, the better the prize could be for you. Watch out for the skeletons though – they will try and scupper your progress!

Download and play Hidden Loot slots today!

This game is a little unusual in that when you spin the reels, you will see the bottom line fill up. You can then choose to hold one or two of those symbols. If you hold one or two of them, the spaces in the reels above will fill with those same ones.

You then get to spin again to see what ends up appearing in the top two paylines. This makes each paid spin a lot longer and more involved, and you have a little control over what fills up each space. It makes the game more appealing than it might otherwise be, so bear this in mind. Try it for a while in practice play mode to start with, so you get the idea of how it works. Once you see how good it is, we feel sure you will want to play it for real money prize chances.