Fast Lane Freddie Slots

No prizes for guessing the theme hiding behind this Arrows Edge slot. The mention of the fast lane makes you think of a race track, and that is exactly what you will find in this game. It is no surprise to find that is the case here, but will Fast Lane Freddie race towards some prizes for you, or will you be left trailing in the dust?

Reels and lines

You get to play on a maximum of 30 lines over five reels in this game - and they're big reels, too.

Coin values

You can bet from one cent to eight dollars per line in Fast Lane Freddie.

Fast Lane Freddie special icons

Freddie is the wild icon here, as you might have guessed. If he appears on the middle reel, he will expand to cover the whole thing. He can replace most other symbols, but he won't stand in for the scatter or bonus icons.

Are there bonus features to search for in this slot game?

There are. The game includes a pits icon, and if this appears at the top of a reel, it drops to expand over the ones below it too. This also transforms it into a 2x wild icon.

Meanwhile, if you get the bonus race scatter in three or more places, you enter the bonus race. Here, you get to drive Freddie's car and you must overtake all other cars as you approach them by moving right and left.

There is also a drag race bonus triggered by getting drivers one and two on either side of the bonus race scatter on one of the first three paylines on reels two, three, and four. Choose your driver and watch the race. If your driver wins, you win! Bonus points are the name of the game here, so let's hope you get a good prize.

Don't miss out - download and play Fast Lane Freddie slots today!

There may not be any free spins here, but the inclusion of two car racing bonuses makes Fast Lane Freddie a lot of fun to play. You can try the practice mode if you like, but eventually the time will come to get behind the wheel and try to motor towards some prizes. Will you get lucky and will Freddie help you get the best prizes of all? Find out today by giving this game a shot now.