Vegas Joker Slots

The mention of the words Vegas and Joker in the title of this slot makes us think of a traditional slot game with flashing lights and lots going on. And that is exactly what we see when we load Vegas Joker to play. It does look like a traditional slot machine, and the first thing you will see is two sets of reels to keep things interesting!

Let’s see what else this game can offer us.

Reels and lines

There are three reels and five lines on the base set of reels, and the same on the upper set.

Coin values

It’s good to know you can get started from as little as two cents per spin. You can go a lot higher to reach 50 cents a go, too.

Vegas Joker special icons

You don’t get much here in terms of special symbols, since there isn’t a wild in use and there is no scatter to find either. You do get lots of traditional symbols though, including the famous cherries and some bar symbols as well. And of course, there is a joker, too.

Are there bonus features to search for in this slot game?

The main element to consider here is that you get those two sets of reels. How do these work, you might ask? Well, you must begin on the lower set of reels. If you win something there, you can decide whether to take your prize or gamble it on spinning the second set of reels above.

This is worth thinking about very carefully. Why? Because if you do gamble on the other reels and you lose, the prize you won isn’t paid to you. Mind you, if you win, you will end up winning something that could be a lot bigger than the initial prize. Decisions, decisions! The jokers and diamonds are the best payers, so check those out before you decide.

Don’t miss out – download and play Vegas Joker slots today!

This game, we feel, is one for players who like taking a bigger risk. If you like the ordinary gamble option you might see in some other games, the Vegas Joker slot will probably appeal to you. But if you never use the gamble feature, you won’t be very likely to use the second set of reels in this game. That makes it no bigger than a regular three-reel slot, so decide carefully before you play.