Magic Lines Slots

Magic Lines… it sounds magical enough but is this game going to deliver on that theme suggestion? We can reveal Betsoft provided the brains for this one, but it isn’t one of their biggest slots. Many of their titles have been a huge success though, so perhaps we have yet another one on our hands here. Let’s find out.

Reels and lines

Three reels are provided for us in this game. We don’t get a single payline though – instead, we have five paylines to try our luck on.

Coin options

If you want to keep those bets low, you can wager two cents per line to get you underway. If you’d like to increase that, you can do so up to a value of $20 per line.

Special icons in Magic Lines

This game doesn’t offer anything by way of special icons. You shouldn’t expect a wild in this one and there isn’t room for a scatter to be used either. As such, we’re in fruity territory here, with lots of familiar symbols showing up on each spin. The idea is to get three matching fruits on a paid line to win the relevant prize. Since the game is small, the paytable is provided on the same screen.

Are there bonuses to be won?

No, although you might be able to benefit from something called a repeater feature. We guess you are wondering what that might be. Every slot you’ve probably seen in the past has a spin button. This one does too, but it is not quite the same. It is a start-stop button. That means when you click it the first time, the reels start to spin. You then need to click it again to stop them. It can come into play if something is won and you want to try and increase that win with another matching icon.

Download and play the Magic Lines slot game now

Well, if you were expecting a magical theme you are going to be disappointed. However, we kinda get where the Magic Lines title comes from, thanks to that repeater feature. This is the only thing that separates this game from many others we have seen. To that end, we think it is worth looking at. If you can try the demo version you will see how it all works to provide a good experience.