Get Busy – or Should That Be Buzzy – with The Bees Slot

If you like simple cartoon slots with a bright theme and screen, this could be the one you like most. It’s called The Bees! and it has a range of bees included as some of the symbols. Flowers and beehives also make appearances, but we still have to find out whether this qualifies as one of Betsoft’s leading games.

Reels and paylines

You get five reels here and there are nine paylines in all, which is less than you might be used to.

Betting options

The usual two-cent minimum on this Betsoft game means you can start spinning from 18 cents a time. Your maximum bet could be a lot higher though, reaching a huge $150.

Special symbols in play in The Bees

The wild is easy to see because it’s labeled a wild – and it also has a tree and two bees on it. Cute! As usual, the one symbol it won’t replace is the scatter, which is represented by a little honeypot in this game.

Bonus features to explore

You can access the bonus feature by finding the male bee, the logo for the game and the female bee on the middle three reels, but they must appear in the order written here. This will trigger the bonus and you can try and pick flowers and catch raindrops. The flowers bring you cash prizes, while the raindrops earn you something called a swap icon.

The task is to avoid getting stung, although there is some spray to help you, and you’ll get time bonuses as well that prolong the round.

The swap icons are worth having because you can swap icons in a regular game spin once you have these. Each icon means one swap, and it means you could get a winning line when you had just missed out on doing so. This is an unusual feature and we can’t honestly recall having seen something like this in another game before. This alone makes it worth watching the reels and giving them a spin, at least for a while.

Download and play The Bees slots today!

This is far more basic than some of the slots we’ve played in the Betsoft collection. Mind you, there’s nothing wrong with that. We think this would probably appeal to someone trying their first five-reel game who is looking for a lower number of paylines. Does that include you?