Arrival: A Simple Title, But What Does This Slot Have to Offer?

Now that’s a real simple title, don’t you think? Who has arrived? Where have they arrived at? And does any of this mean you could win some cool prizes while you’re spinning however many reels are involved in the Arrival online slot game?

So many questions and so far, no answers. So let’s dive in and change all that, shall we?

Reels and paylines

This 3D game has a nice space-themed intro to watch, before revealing that it has five reels in action per spin. It also slots in 30 paylines.

Betting options

Many Betsoft games have coin values going from 0.02 to 0.50 and this is the same here too. It makes it easy to see what you can wager, and you can also adjust the number of coins you bet on each line.

Special symbols in play in Arrival

Watch for the brain alien as three of these will trigger the Abduction Wild reel feature, which brings you a number of free spins to enjoy as well. The raygun is also good to find, because three of these access the UFO Click Me feature. This is a simple and effective way to pick up some extra credit prizes as you play.

Bonus features to explore

There is a bonus feature in Arrival in addition to the two features mentioned above. If you want to gain access to this, you have to find three or more girls with mirrored sunglasses on. The idea is to help the marine save her, as she has been grabbed by that nasty brain alien with a space helmet on.

Download and play Arrival slots today!

As you can see, the game packs in plenty of varied features. There is no wild or scatter in the usual sense, but there are special symbols that activate different features. Additionally, you also get some neat bonus features that can bring you some nice credit prizes or bonus rounds to play.

With the addition of autoplay if you want to just sit back and watch the action, not to mention the cool 3D features, this is one slot game you will keep coming back to if you like your games to be really fun. Arrival may have a simple title but the game itself is anything but! Check it out now and see if this qualifies as your favorite title from Betsoft so far.