Jumbo Joker Slots

Jumbo Joker is a unique online slot that offers two sets of 3 reels. The top set of reels is available after triggering the Jumbo Meter, and it can bring you huge prizes.

But how do you activate the Jumbo Meter? And does this slot have more to offer than just being unique? Let's find out by looking at Jumbo Joker's atmosphere, special features, betting options, and return to player.

Symbols and Theme

Jumbo Joker offers a classic slot machine feel combined with sound effects that make it seem like you're in a Las Vegas casino. Some players love this type of atmosphere, especially when it reminds them of past Vegas trips.

Others prefer the newer style of slot machines to that focus on specific themes and high-quality 3D graphics. Of course, Jumbo Joker isn't your average classic slot due to the double set of reels and other features. That said, we think this game will appease a large number of players.

Symbols in this slot include a joker, 7, apple, bell, watermelon, grapes, orange, lemon, cherry, and treasure chest. Most of these symbols fit the the classic theme discussed before. However, these icons also have some details that separate them from the average 7s, apples, and cherries seen in other classic slots.

Jumbo Joker Slots Special Features

You trigger the Jumbo Meter whenever you win at least 20 coins on the bottom set of reels. Your winnings are then moved from the bottom reels up to the Jumbo Meter. Here you can either collect your payout immediately, or use the winnings to play the top reels where larger prizes are offered.

For example, three 7s normally pay 600 coins on the bottom reels. But the same combination offers 2,000 coins in the upper reels.

This creates an interesting bankroll management situation, forcing you to decide whether to keep booking smaller payouts or try for the big wins.

Betting Options

Both sets of 3 reels feature 5 pay lines. You must play all these lines, so there's no decision to made here. But Betsoft does allow you to change coin size, beginning with $0.02 per coin.

Other options include the ability to make a Max Bet and use Autoplay. The latter is really convenient when you want to continue making the same bet without having to push spin every time.

Jumbo Joker Slots RTP

RTP for Jumbo Joker is 95%, which is average for an online slot. But win frequency is high in this game due to the large number of smaller payouts.

Final Thoughts on Jumbo Joker Slots

The symbols and sounds of Jumbo Joker scream classic slot. But the reels setup and features make this a game that anybody can enjoy, including both classic and modern slots fans.

We especially like how you have the option to choose whether you want to spin the upper reels for larger payouts, or just collect your winnings. The graphics are also pretty solid and help separate Jumbo Joker from other classic slot machines.